A Note on the Warm-Up Spanking

While the idea had never occurred to me in many years of spanking, the tool of the warm-up spanking is used by some husbands to ease a corrected wife into her spanking, or more specifically to help her bear the harder end of the ordeal. I can’t speak from experience, but a lighter spanking, either with the hand or simply delivered more lightly to start, is supposed to make the punishment easier. Some husbands use them all the time, others use them just for the more severe spankings, that might call for needing to ease into. Others like myself don’t even think about it.

It’s possible a warm-up to discipline would help your routine. If your purpose is to make sure she bears heavier strokes later without as much hardship, and can bear them for longer, this tool may help you. It’s also supposed to lessen the damage to the backside. Apparently the strokes get the bottom prepared to take some punishment. I think some of the effect is also that it gets the endorphins kicked in early too. That by itself allows a harder punishment to pass more easily. A warm-up spanking is usually brief, but it could be any length. She gets hand spanked for a few minutes. Then the belt comes out, or the paddle, and the real hardship starts.

I do not use warm-up spankings, even though I’ve heard about them for some time. I find the spanking process is involved enough, and long enough, that I don’t need to add more to it. I also find that what I’ve done for many years is successful, and there is little need to add to it. A woman facing a spanking is going to have to deal with the pain of it, and there will be pain either way. It won’t be easy. I expect my wife to receive the punishment I give her, and I always have. I will put her over the bed and strap her straight away with my belt. If she’s earned a long one she’s going to accept a long one. A part of her lesson is how unpleasant that is, and needing to learn to face it.

Since I do enjoy giving a spanking by hand, I have started that way occasionally if we have the chance to be alone. We don’t have that chance very often, and I don’t use hand spanking often for that reason. However, I will begin with my hand on that rare occasion we have the house to ourselves, and I need to spank. I like the personal feel of it, and I want her to feel my hand as well, the hand of the one who is punishing her, and who loves her, and who caresses her with it. I won’t give an entire correction with the hand, since it’s too light, so I will move soon to a harder and more dreaded instrument.

A warm-up, which is often praised for aiding the wife in receiving the spanking physically, may at times aid her mentally and emotionally to being focused on discipline, and given over to learning from her husband’s correction. Just as a brisk walk might aid a runner in getting into the run that will soon take place, a lighter spanking may help to place a woman in the right spot mentally. If the lecture or corner time have not done that, being in position and being spanked less harshly can get her mind ready for taking ownership of her wrong, and expressing her regret. A hard spanking does that as well, but this way she may not be overwhelmed with the fear of a harsh instrument, or bracing herself to receive pain. It may ease her into the motions of growing from her punishment, in ways other methods do not. It can warm up both mind and body. Then the final part of the session delivers the harder spanking and full punishment for her wrongs.

There are advantages in the warm-up spanking, I am sure. It may make the session easier for many wives. It may similarly make it easier to give her a longer session. I don’t discourage you from using them, or at least trying them out. You’ll find you can have very successful correction without the warm-ups. Like many aspects of marital discipline, much comes down to your personal tastes and your needs. You might call it a part of the preparation, or a form of mercy in discipline.


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  1. TxCoGrl83 Avatar

    I kinda wish my husband gave warm up spankings because the first spank with a big brush hurts so bad. Those beginning ones are the worst. Everytime during the first 10 or so I think “I can’t do this”, and I do of course. I obey and stay still the best I can the entire time from the first hard one to the last.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It can indeed be very difficult to bear a long punishment with an instrument. With commitment and submission a woman can do it every time.

  2. iamhissubmissive60 Avatar

    I wish my husband did too, but he doesn’t… they are hard from beginning to end. He feels if I default I deserve every stripe I get. Its very hard to remain still but I try not to lose position. He stops when I stop resisting and when he feels I have accepted my punishment and I am always humbled afterwards. I do appreciate him keeping me straight even though I have a very sore bottom for days after.

    1. That’s very good you appreciate the discipline your husband gives you. It is out of love, and for your own good. You will both enjoy the rewards.

  3. I wish my husband would do this too. He starts out really hard with an instrument and they are tough to take. Thanks for the article..I hope he sees it lol!

    1. You’re welcome. I think warm-ups would be popular with the ladies, if more men did them. From what I’ve heard, it’s probably under half. I know you can take what he gives you though.

  4. tilly2034 Avatar

    I wish my husband would use warm ups as the strap coming down so hard at the beginning is really difficult to take It’s really hard from the first to the last stroke and maybe a warm up would prepare me a bit more. However my husband is the one who decides how punishment is administered not me, and I know that he disciplines me for my own good.

  5. The only time my husband has used warm up is/was on maintenance spankings. And even then, he doesn’t do it all the time it rather on occasion.

    I think he decides whether to do warm up or not based on time, which is what you mentioned. If he/we have extra time, or if he wants to make an extra big point, he does warm up.
    Let me tell you it is more appealing in mind than in practice. It gives you the thought it will make it better/easier, but in the end, it just takes longer.

    1. That’s a very good point. It would end up being a longer spanking that way, and that probably is not what you want.

  6. MeekMissy Avatar

    My HOH uses a ping ping paddle on my bottom in the sit spot area and doesn’t start out with any warm ups. I think if he did that I wouldn’t want to avoid them as much because they would seem more like sexy playing. When he starts out hard, for about the first 50 or so he keeps them coming and I get to tears much faster too, so I learn more from early on. He tends to stop about 4 or 5 times to rub me and then might have me change positions or blow my nose before continuing…. Sometimes he will give some lighter ones here and there more towards the middle of the spanking. I get about 400-600 seats usually. I’m on day 2 after getting disciplined yesterday and all I can think about is being quiet, gentle, and obedient! And a playful smack on my bottom here and there brings back the sting as if I had just been freshly spanked. Every time I sit down I feel the burn 🔥 but I also have zero desire to argue or be disrespectful to my HOH.

  7. mala (wiola) Avatar
    mala (wiola)

    Hello. I love spanking with my hand to warm up. I have a low pain threshold so all spanking could be a hand to me. Unfortunately, if spanking is a punishment, there is no warm-up. It is strong, long and fast. I don’t have time to get excited or get into the rhythm. I fight with every hit. I run away and cover myself. Warming up makes it much easier to endure a spanking

    1. It’s very good to hear from you, Wiola. A warm-up spanking is certainly supposed to make it easier to take. I am confident over time though, that you can learn not to fight your husband’s discipline, or try to cover yourself, but hold still and in position. Nearly any woman can learn to do this, and that by itself will make the spanking easier.

  8. mala (wiola) Avatar
    mala (wiola)

    Aaron, I wish you would write a post about the pre-spanking interview. Oral reprimand. About creating an atmosphere and tension before pouring. My husband doesn’t know how to make a correction interview. He can’t be serious and rough enough. He doesn’t tell me exactly what he’s spanking me for. Sometimes when spanked, she only says what the spanking is for. But I wish I knew this before the spanking. I need learning conversations before spanking. I want to feel remorse before spanking. Feel the tension and the shame before spanking. Doing a pre-spanking speech is important in my opinion? Please post on this. Let him even yell at me before the spanking?

    1. Hello Wiola, I appreciate the suggestion. That’s a very good idea, and I emphasize the importance of the lecture regularly. I already have an essay written about some points a woman should verbally affirm during a discipline session, which likely covers some of the same territory. I’ll post in within a few months.

      I will definitely do another one in the future uniquely on lecturing, but I’m a bit backlogged now, so it will take a little while to put up.

      If it helps, I include a sample of what a spanking sounds like — including the lecture — in this article: https://spankingyourwife.wordpress.com/2020/04/08/what-does-a-spanking-sound-like/

      I also give a sample of the lecture — before, during, and after — in each of my Description of Discipline articles, such as this one: https://spankingyourwife.wordpress.com/2020/08/19/description-of-discipline-for-lateness/

      This one on the importance of verbal instruction in general: https://spankingyourwife.wordpress.com/2020/05/04/speak-to-her-soul/

      Verbal engagement is a big part of the discipline process. It helps on so many levels, including a wife understanding her wrong, affirming her right behavior, being clearly instructed, and being fully cleansed. I’ve seen men start to engage more verbally when giving discipline, and their wives really benefit. While I don’t believe in yelling, I find a good firm talk is called for, with language that shows how serious the wrong is, and how let down the husband is by her behavior.

      I’m glad you can see the usefulness of verbal interaction during the spanking session and elsewhere. I hope some of these examples can help your husband as well. I hope to have the new articles out in a timely fashion.

      Take care.

  9. mala (wiola) Avatar
    mala (wiola)

    I’ve read all your entries before. I will read it again and send it to my husband. However, the most I will be waiting for your latest post is just an interview, a reprimand before the spanking. Before I met my husband, I had a different boyfriend. It was that boy who showed me dd. He was very dominant and he wanted to punish me with his belt once. The emotions that accompanied them then were indescribable. I was stunned by the reprimand and the whole situation, I was ashamed and wanted to cry. My heart was beating very fast. I felt pain in my stomach and no breathing in my chest. It was then that I realized how much I wanted to dd. With my husband, I have never experienced such emotions / faster heart beat or pain in my stomach. Unfortunately, I was wrong not to look for a dominant husband later on.

    1. Excellent. That’s a normal experience with being disciplined the first time. It is very powerful. It reaches into the depth of our being and is not replaceable with anything else. The words certainly help it all sink in.

      I believe your husband can learn with time. However, whether he learns or not, you should focus yourself on being a submissive and respectful wife to him, in all possible ways. Be gently, meek, and humble, even if he is not commanding. Your submission will help him learn.

  10. mala (wiola) Avatar
    mala (wiola)

    Sorry for my bad English. Unfortunately, I never had English at school. The translator helps me and the messages are probably not well communicated. It is a pity that there is no one from Poland who would like to be our assistant in dd and teach my husband

    1. That’s alright. Maybe the translators will get better over time. There definitely are other readers from Poland, so if any of them are experienced with discipline, you could ask them to leave their contacts.

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