A Proper Thrashing

There comes a time when a wife needs to face not only a spanking, but what is sometimes called a hide tanning, barn burner, or a proper thrashing. In most spanking homes, a woman knows she can face one if she acts up enough. She knows it is different territory as well. No wife wants to face such a whipping. The thrashing aims to be severe, and always goes beyond what the ordinary spanking does in its severity. Despite the numerous ways to give a spanking, we can still fit them into one of two categories: a punishment, or a proper thrashing.

A proper thrashing is given for the worst kinds of bad behavior. They should never be for something unclear, or minor You can deliver such a formidable punishment with nearly any instrument, although some husbands keep a special instrument for more serious offenses. Since the average spanking is not full force, simply increasing force, and the time of the spanking, can deliver a more severe one. But you can choose a more severe instrument also, to make things easier. Some husbands keep the cane only for more severe corrections. Yet I’ve given history-making spankings before with something as simple as a belt, as well as with a paddle or cord. Use more muscle and more body weight in your strokes, and they will easily turn that ordinary spanking into a proper thrashing.

From early on in a thrashing, she knows she’s in for it. A woman will cry out more often, and louder. She might try to wriggle her bottom out of the way, or ask for mercy. She is stripped of everything and has to give herself most fully over to her man. It does not end until she is limp, or quivering, or resigned to it. In longer punishments, her bottom may go numb, and the strokes not rouse her anymore. I still continue a little beyond this point, to assure she’s on coals the next day. A thrashing needs to light her on fire.

In the years since we have had children, I try and make sure we have time alone if I need to deliver a harsher form of punishment. I’ll have my wife drop the children off somewhere for about an hour. I want the freedom to make more sound if needed, to take my time, and to allow her to be noisier if she needs. I find it helps me be thorough, and allows her more release of her feelings. After being married a few years, she always came to know when a proper thrashing was coming, and knows to prepare herself for it. She knows I mean business. These days I rely on the paddle for it, and give her a longer treatment with it, but I may use other instruments as well.

A proper thrashing needs to be a lesson a wife will not forget. Since it’s for the most severe offenses, it should not be common. I can go several years without delivering a spanking that harsh. I can tell you I’ve seen immediate good results from the hardest spankings I’ve given my wife. A wife’s going to remember the message you gave her, and it will function as a warning well into the future. Afterward, she will check with you for permission, and make sure to show you reverence with her lips. She will be more careful about missteps, diligent in following your instructions. You’ve drawn a clear line for her that a behavior is out of bounds, and she will not try it again.


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  1. Celeste Evanovich Avatar
    Celeste Evanovich

    Sounds very good..

  2. Kristina Finnegan Avatar
    Kristina Finnegan

    This is what should always happen

    1. Thanks for your comment Kristina. I’ve definitely heard from some husbands who would give the more severe kind of spanking for any infraction. I respect that. I do believe in some variety in severity though, because I find it helpful for the punishment to suite the offense. Some are worse than others. I will never give light spankings, but I do have different levels of heat I use.

      1. Fran Reid Avatar
        Fran Reid

        Well I’m glad my Hoh is strict but fair. I’m spanked but not thrashed frequently. I’m paddled but to not so harshly that I cannot stand it or sit for weeks.
        My anger issues in the past definitely earned a few severe paddlings and I had a bottom that felt aglow iny late teens when we first married but it all seems so long ago now . I’m thankful for them

  3. What are the “worst kinds of behavior”? Do you mean having an accident without a seat belt, leaving the house unlocked, repeatedly making late payments, or obvious and profound disrespect in front of others? I’m curious about which behaviors or categories of behaviors would result in such a transformational spanking. And, is your care afterward different?

    1. Hello Demhi, That’s a very good question, and one relevant to the topic. I could do an article later on that distinction alone. What is considered the worst kind of behavior, and deserving the more severe spanking, can legitimately vary. It can vary because it is partly a judgment call, and also because some wives have different vices than others.

      For me, so far at least, I have given the proper thrashing for leaving the children in danger, for serious and repeated irresponsibility, for lying, and for brazen disobedience. It may be only seven or eight times in our marriage, or nearly every two years. In many neighborhoods leaving the house unlocked would definitely be on the serious end, but in the country some people are still more casual about that.

      As a wife who is disciplined, I know you will see your husband make decisions about that. However, I know you will do your best to avoid one. It’s something to talk with him about when it comes to specifics.

      Hope you are all doing well.

      1. In my household, a proper thrashing is usually for repeated misbehavior, defiance, or breaking a commandment. Taking the Lord’s name in vain is the commandment I’ve struggled with the most. I’ve also lied to try to get out of trouble, which results in a really serious punishment. And early in our marriage, I struggled to understand my place and accept my husband’s rules and discipline with a contrite heart; my struggle and defiance led to proper thrashings that taught me how to behave properly and accept my discipline with good grace. I still get a proper thrashing once in a while, but I’m glad to say they’re much rarer now. But I don’t think I could have reached the place I am without all those serious beltings at the beginning of our marriage.

  4. It is surprising that any woman would be so rebellious and disrespectful when she knows this will be her fate. I am thankful that while most spankings are now more “of a light hand” (still serious of course) as Aron has spoken of in a previous post, and there are some that are harder and longer, but I don’t think I’ve ever had to reach the level discussed here.

    I suppose that if standard spankings, lectures, restoration, accountability, sexual and oral service etc. amount other techniques were not working then this would be needed by some wives.

    Prayers for those husbands that have to face such disobedience requiring this thrashing in their home.

    1. Hello Mr. FS, I appreciate your prayers, and I’m sure others do as well. Surely after the first few years of marriage, spankings ought to become rare, and the more severe kind rarer still. However, the human heart is fickle, and can be tempted, and give in. That could be toward rebellion, or toward a particularly attractive sin. Even a woman seeking to walk rightly can fall into making serious errors, or committing sin. That’s a part of the reason why her husband’s guidance is there, and why it’s an act of care to discipline her. It helps her stay out of it in the future. It strengthens her against such temptation.

      While I deeply admire my wife’s virtue, and godliness, I have on occasion been appalled at what she decided to do. She is not perfect. She has let a very bad inclination get to her mind before. That’s why I’m there and I put her right back on the path. Generally, I agree, normal spankings, verbal correction, and sexual service take care of her learning acceptably. At times, more is needed. Sometimes she needs to find out she can’t get away with what she wants on her man’s watch.

  5. Mr. Aron, I know that you do not recommend maintenance spankings. However, I think you agree that every marriage is different and has unique needs and each husband has to make his own rules and routines. So I wonder if it may be true in many marriages, like mine, that maintenance spanking is what keeps a husband from needing to give a more severe spanking?
    I post this because I have come to finally, after years, accept this weekly
    in my mind because my husband has decided it will be permanent.
    I don’t like it of course, but I do understand it’s value for me/us.
    He uses a paddle hair brush on my bare bottom over his knee and has become very good at knowing how to spank hard and long enough to have me a bit sore and hurting but without leaving marks.
    I thought maybe he would discontinue them, but he believes it is what I need as a routine
    and is consistent about enforcing them each week and he expects that I will continue to submit to him in this decision.
    It has served to keep me how he desires and ultimately this is what I want as well.
    But again, I wonder if any of your readers find
    that maintenance helps them to need a more “severe thrashing?”

    1. Hello Mia, That’s an interesting topic. Sure, I don’t encourage people to use training spankings throughout the course of marriage, but only where specific problems arise. However, much comes down to a husband’s judgment, and if that is what he finds brings the best results, then he certainly can choose it. It’s his decision.

      I know it can be a challenge to be receiving them regularly, but clearly you can grow from them if you receive them in the right way. You seem to already understand some of their purpose. Regular spanking, as other regular training, can help keep your mind focused on your submission, and remain soft to your husband. It may also help you avoid more serious kinds of spankings if it aids you in those areas.

      I’d be interested in what different readers say as well.

      1. Jane is subject to maintenance spankings every Saturday night after her bath. She is not allowed to leave the tub until she gets about 5 or 6 with the strap. I have her stand with her hands on the side tile. On occasion I decide to give her a real thrashing based on her behavior during the week. Then she can get as many as 50 but 20 or so is far more common.

  6. Have been married almost 4 years and I have only had to give my wife a “thrashing” such as this once.

    This was a few months ago and I found out she had put over $2k on a back up credit card to be used for emergencies only. There were charges for clothes, meals with friends, spas etc, what’s worse is she was intending to pay it but forgot so there credit hits and late charges:

    I was beyond livid. I usually spank with a hand or hairbrush but for this a paddle was warranted. She was sore for days, and fortunately it worked, have not had to use it again.

    1. Thank you for your comment and for sharing your experience, Nial. That’s a very good example of when it can be used. A harsh spanking usually works as you describe, and a wife will make sure not to do it again. I keep a paddle for such purposes as well.

  7. First of all, I can’t thank you enough Mr. Aron for this site and for all the wisdom that you share. I do not know anyone else that I can talk to or relate to regarding CDD. So, it’s encouraging to know there are other people out there whom I can indeed relate to. It has been nearly 2 years since we first started. As I’ve stated in another post, it has made a tremendous difference in our marriage. My husband has really grown into his authority and has taken the reins when it comes to disciplining me when needed (when he chooses). He has really stepped it up and is doing his best to be more consistent. It wasn’t always like that. I had to be patient. Fortunately, I only had to receive punishment spankings in the beginning. Those are few and far in between now that I know he is serious about punishing me for certain infractions that he has told me not make. He will even warn me and I heed his word now. We have come a long way! I will have to say, weekly maintenance sessions (Mid-Week Maintenance or in the past..Monday Maintenance) have indeed kept me on the straight and narrow!! I firmly believe they have been instrumental in helping me to avoid the ‘Thrashings’ that could take place. I feel that I have improved on being more submissive, more respectful and less sassy for sure (especially for a nearly 54 year old). My husband has noticed a big change! He feels that it has helped him to grow as well! I still strive to continue being a good and obedient wife to my husband every day. By God’s grace and discipline from my husband I will continue to improve each day! Thank you again and God bless you!!

    1. You’re welcome, LR. Thank you for sharing what has worked for you, and how your husband’s discipline has helped you. I think it is a common occurrence to see that maintenance helps a wife avoid serious infractions. Your husband is guiding you in the right direction. Good work.

      Of course it’s also important to know we rest on God’s grace in growing, and becoming more like Christ, whether as wife or husband. We have to rest on the Lord and He truly touches the spirit. Apart from Him our works are vain.

    2. What Miriha describes is grossly excessive. I was happy to hear that he and her husband are not Christians. There is no place for such abuse in a Christian marriage. It’s true that on occasion a wife needs a very severe punishment. But the purpose of spanking is training and correction, not harm

  8. TxCogrl83 Avatar

    I do think having a certain spankings be “proper thrashings” when deserved makes a difference. I have not had one in maybe like 2 years or almost 2 years, and I recived one recently, with a paddle which is reserved in our house for the ultimate disobedience and disrespect. Mine was kind of building up over a little bit of time. I was going through a moment (or a few months) where I felt as though I did not need to fully obey my husband. I did Just enough for him to not punish me, but compared to the way I typically am which is fully obedient, this was not my norm. There has been ONE other time in the last 6 years of our time living DD/CDD that we really could never see eye to eye. Almost always we talk through situations if we do not initially agree, and we are able to come to a happy agreement with a respectful conversation. Sometimes after a conversation, it can take a little more time, where we really sit down and talk through each others thoughts and feelings. Only then if we can not agree will my husband and say something like “ listen we have talked through every possible scenario and we are just not able to fully agree here. I have taken every last word into consideration, but I have made the decision. I love You and I do believe this is the best choice for our family. I know when this is coming typically. We talk through things and I respect my husband so much for the time he takes with me. He will however never allow us to start arguing or bickering, and for sure not allow us to keep discussing especially if it is no longer helpful in making the decision. SO, we had gone past and through all of these stages. He had made a very clear decision and I as always was expected to obey with a loving heart, and move forward. I have become pretty good at moving on once a decision is made. I have had a few pretty hard lessons in why this is important, and I do truly and fully respect my husband, and mostly I trust him. He is human and not perfect as we all are, but he has not led us wrong yet. This time I had some kind of internal struggle where I felt as though this time I truly did know better, I began to feel anger and resentment that my husband did not defer to my knowledge on this certain subject because I felt as though it was kinda my “area of expertise”. I had agreed, but not with a loving heart. That is in our opinion a very important part of obedience. You can obey and be angry, resentful, and ugly about it but that is not true obedience. Until you humbly accept with an open and loving heart do you fully obey. So I eas certainly not fully obeying. I was kinds executing our plan, but not fully. I had excuses and all kinds of things to say. A couple weeks ago my husband had enough after we had yet another discussion that did not include calm and respectful words and tones on top of what had been going on. He told me to go wait for him in the bedroom. There was no, later on, he was done at that moment. I KNEW it was going to happen. I think back on it now, I knew because I knew I was Wrong. In the moment I still felt like inwas right. I was sitting in the edge of our guest bed in our basement and as the door opened I saw THE PADDLE. I immediately started to cry, but STILL felt like I was not backing down. I was angry and I couldn’t hide it. Anger is not something that is smart to show before a punishment. I can be angry, but once we get to this stage, it is only respect. Period.
    We do not always start with my panties down. Usually I get to keep them on for the first part, and then I am asked to please take them off. This time he told me in a voice and tone that is so much stronger than even his normal punishment voice. I felt Scared at this point as I began to realize I had taken this thing to far. I let My husband down, and I straight up disobeyed him, and disrespected him on many levels. From the first spank with that paddle I knew I was going to be facing and suffering for my decisions. The pain of a paddle at least for me travels through my body in a way that takes over everything I have. It’s not when you get spanked one butt cheek at a time, and the other gets a brief moment of recovery, nope. Or even a belt where both gets spanked at once, but there are other parts of the bottom not being spanked at the same time. The paddle covers almost my entire bottom. That means every single spank doesn’t allow any recovery anywhere. The level of pain, the level of his words, disappointment, his hard time, zero empathy for needing a second, or giving me a minute to gather my self before another set. I was as described above pretty much limp. At one point we Had to move to me over his lap because he needed to hold me still. I tried. He had to hold my legs, and around my waist, and he had to hold on tight. I was true weeping mess, but the end. Fully resigned, fully limp. It felt and I believe was my hardest spanking to date. I have thought about it every single day since. It hurt to sit down for 3 days. That had never ever happened to me before. Never. I have truly and fully accepted full responsibility for my behaviors. I was wrong. The last couple weeks I have grown in my admission to how disrespectful I was being. How I had made a choice to not do as we talked about. This is a way different situation than when I get punished normally. I get punishrd for things like not being able to communicate calmly, respectfully, and humbly. I get Spirited quickly. It’s who I am And I am working very hard on it. It’s mit a conscious thing like this was.

    This whole story is because having a punishment that takes it all to a different level than normal spankings, I do believe is so important. I hate that I feel this Way, but it is kind of an insurance that if the first level of spankings do not deter you from making choices that are hateful and the opposite of what our life is supposed to look like than there is the “proper thrashing”. It does take you to a different level before, during, and mostly after. I feel like it has taken me some time to really look within and realize I had every opportunity to choose to handle this differently. I was not capable of seeing it any other way. That is until the paddle showed me the way… I am grestful to have sought advice about it, as right after I was still battling inside of my heart if it was fair, and just. I am Grateful we have come to a very good place with it all. I am
    Forgiven and we are moving forward. Now that it’s over I feel relief. I needed help to get out of that headspace. I am grateful to my husband for going to that place with me, and leading me back out into the sunshine with him!

    If we had this level all the time, I can imagine that, but it would not make moments like this elevated from the other smaller and less significant punishments.

    If any husband is in the fence about it, as a wife I would Advocate for reserving a paddle or whatever is the harsh thing in your home for the proper time. Setting levels of punishment apart has been a big thing for myself in our journey.

    Thank you to Aron and all the others who share about their lives. So we can all learn and understand more, and mostly not feel alone in this aspect of our lives!!

    1. That’s very good advice. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Even though it is tough to face, a woman can certainly see how important it is that certain behavior meets with strict punishment. She will notice the difference in her own life. A wise husband should be able to use it when necessary.

      1. When my husband needs to discipline or even correct me, I consider this an important lesson to learn.
        The spanking can be hard but I know it’s for my own good

        Correction is an opportunity to learn how to improve my behavior and to be purified. I crave cleanliness and so I cooperate fully with him

      2. Mahira Avatar

        I’ve been reading your blog for some time now. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year and a half, and I just received my first real “punishment spanking”. It was horrific and not something I want to repeat.We’ve been tumultuous since the beginning, and I taught him how to spank me for fun early on. He had never done it before, but took to it with aplomb. I had spoken about never having received a true punishment thrashing in my life….it was just fun and games to me.

        We broke up a month ago and I did some terrible things I regret. I did them out of spite, thinking I’d never see him again. Then when I allowed him back into my life and told him what I had done, we decided it was the best thing to help us move forward.

        He’s only ever used about 60% of his strength on me, which is a lot – but it was always fine for fun. I have a high pain tolerance and enjoy it. But this was different. He walked in the door 2 days ago and told me to take off my clothes and kneel for him on my bed. He flipped me over, made me hold my legs in the air and began hitting my thighs with his belt harder than ever before. Then put me back on all fours with a pillow in my mouth and continued whipping my thighs until I bled and my skin flaked onto his belt. I used to love his belt. This knocked the wind out of me and I asked him to pause twice – which I’ve never done before. I was hyperventilating.

        When that was over after he finished lecturing me on the belt transgressions, he said he was going to use the cane for the worst. I am the one who shopped with him online to buy the cane, when things were fun. And the night we first tried it out, it was. Those marks lasted weeks. And I enjoyed them.

        He caned my breasts first, and he was becoming angry mentioning each transgression I had committed while we were apart. Then he had me spread my legs so he could cane the insides and tops of my thighs. I knew he was angry, and part of me knows that you should only punish your lady when you’re not. But I knew he needed to wrestle his own demons using me as a vessel.

        My bottom is the least of my worries two days later. When he was done caning me, I was quiet the rest of the night. I’m never quiet. I’m usually talkative, sarcastic and bratty. We watched a show together as I sat gingerly on the couch beside him. I was flabbergasted. My body felt completely separated from my brain and I have never had the heat pouring over my body, the immediate swelling. And hardness, the taut muscles or the seasickness that comes with disorientation to an entirely new degree like this before in my entire life. I’m 42. No one has ever spanked me like this before.

        I scared him. He has apologized profusely because my reaction was so different than it ever has been before. I usually egg him on for “More, more, more”. “Come on, I’ll take whatever you give me.” I had never cried being spanked before. I didn’t at the moment either, but when he came to bed that night after my awkward silence on the couch, he asked me to let him hold me and I burst. For the first time in our relationship. The tears allowed my body to stop shaking and I felt ok. I told him how much Pain I was in and I thanked him for it. I had never been afraid of my boyfriend before. And he’s a scary man to all others in our city. I finally experienced the fear that others do on a regular basis. But I saw the love as well. He said this was 85% of his full strength.

        2 days later…I still cannot sit on a mere toilet seat without hissing, and if I try to put an elbow on the top of my thighs I wince. I can barely wear a bra. Where the belted back thighs meet my caned top thighs now meet with total black and blue. I have scabs from blood. The spaces between the cane marks are purple. I have to wear high necked blouses from even my chest being bruised and showers are agonizing. We were originally going to have three consecutive nights of punishment to make me truly realize my mistakes. But I have never felt so strongly that I need him to lead me in everyday life as I do after this. He’s seen the marks blacken and is still apologetic. But I’ve tried to explain that I asked for it and to not be sorry. I have never felt so humbled and penitent in my life.

        By the way, I’m not even Christian. This has nothing to do with the Bible for me. It has to do with changing a pattern of deliberate bad-decision making. I have been in self-destruction mode since we began dating. I have never felt more obedient or willing to serve in my entire life. He took the fun out of my pain, and I’m sure he will know when to put it back in. He asked me to marry him.

        1. Hello Mahira, It’s good to meet you. Thank you for writing. I know there are a great number of non Christians who recognize the value in submission, and in the man’s leadership. I believe both of these are easily seen by all of us, a part of our core programming. I would have to add, which you may have heard before, that it’s also known to the conscience and to human reason that men and women should be not intimate outside of marriage. I assume you know that in your heart, but you should act on it, and follow a pure lifestyle until you are married.

          I think you will find that any more severe discipline will break down rebellion. It puts to rest that instinct to to cause conflict, or put yourself above your man. However the nature of punishment you describe is not one that I endorse, and would strongly warn against. It is very much in the realm of bdsm. A spanking is given on the bottom, and while it can leave marks, it should not result in bleeding, which risks real injury and infection. Striking other more sensitive parts of the body is much more dangerous than spanking the bottom. That level of pain and risk really is not necessary to give a solid and memorable spanking.

          As far as marriage, I am used to offering advice for Christian couples. However, as a general principle, a few things are important. You both should know what a marriage really is and what its purpose is from the start. it is a lifelong loving union, for the purpose of bearing and raising children. The man is the head, and the wife his helper. You should be agreed on the most essential things from the start. You should also share in the same worldview, so that there is not ongoing conflict. You should be prepared to marry, and treat it as a responsibility. It is a job to do for the rest of your life. Your spouse needs to be responsible and virtuous.

          Feelings come second, if not third. . You should not be marrying because of a mere emotional attachment. You should not be marrying because you have overwhelming feelings for each other. Marry because the other person makes a good spouse and you are unified in your beliefs. Marry because the union is a very good and valuable thing to do, which blesses all society with children and with social stability. It might involve only two people, but it blesses all the community.

          Anyway, I hope that gives you plenty to think about. I hope it goes very well for both of you. Take care.

      3. Heather Avatar

        I don’t know if you will see this or not but as I’m reading through this blog and came across your comment my heart just goes out to you. So I hope you will see this.
        What I read through your comment is just a strong feeling of you wanting, needing, to be ruled over. You know that you are prone to being out of control, and that you feel most loved when someone reels you in. You know you NEED this, can’t live without it. You also know you deserve serious dealings.
        So many of us ladies here relate to that, even if your punishment experience is very much more BDSM-style than what we consider normal in CDD land.
        Can I submit to you my friend that what you really are looking for is a Lord? Can I offer my Lord and King to you as one who would take you, discipline you, love you, and cleanse you from everything you’ve ever done wrong?

        Jesus led the way — He knows what it is to submit. First, He kept ALL of God’s laws, perfectly for His entire life on Earth. Then, without deserving it, He took on the greatest chastisement, EVER, in my place and your place. He was scourged to where the skin on his back was gone and then a crown of thorns placed on his head. He had nails driven through His feet and hands and was hung in that position, bleeding, for hours until He died. He took on the ultimate submission for you and me, and submitted Himself to God for us. He paid for our sin this way. If we bow to Him and submit to His Lordship, we get to stand before God as clean and new, being granted to receive the reward He earned for all who turn to Him, in the submission that only He could handle before God. I believe as someone who understands some things about the value of submitting to a beating that there might be some unique ways your heart might be able to connect to what Jesus did for us here.

        Jesus, as your Lord and Master, will take you to task for your wrongs. You will learn to walk in a relationship with Him as you submit to Him. He will be gentle with you when you least expect it, He will be stern towards you when you need it. He died to make His Father God see you as cleansed, but that doesn’t mean He will leave you the way you are without shaping you up. He will teach you, train you, discipline you, and love you. And ultimately, if you submit yourself to Jesus as your Lord and Master, and submit your sexual side to him, you must accept you may no longer have sex with any man who does not also choose to submit Himself to your Master, and who does not honor Jesus by covenanting in marriage to you.

        In the marriage covenant, your husband promises to God to honor Him in how he treats you and leads and guides you, and that He will pledge to be sexually yours alone for the rest of your lives. And you promise before God in full submission to your Lord and Master that your husband may represent Him to you, and that you will submit to this man as your leader and only lover for the rest of your life. Without a God-ordained covenant, your sexual life is outside of submission to God, and has no true honor in His sight. But if you step into God ordained marriage you can enjoy knowing that your sex life and your relationship is in full submission to the Almighty Lord of all, and submission to a husband within it is with God’s blessing and help. If you marry putting Jesus first in your choice, your husband becomes your God-chosen lover and leader, and Jesus will continue His leadership of you via a relationship where He is the center, where He rightfully should be as your Master.

        At any rate, God has more for you than the whims of a boyfriend and harsh punishment at his hands. Enter into a covenant with God, and a covenant with a God-focused husband, so that the discipline you receive will be filled with meaning and deep fulfillment from Heaven. And so you will know the deepest cleansing from a Lord who loves you enough to give up everything on this Earth for you. Your yearning for discipline and submission is pointing to something bigger than you, bigger than your boyfriend. This hunger in you points to the God you need to pull your pieces together and teach you the right way to live. Listen to Him. He will accept you if you choose to surrender to Him. He has issued you an invitation, and He loves you and wants to have this place with you, if you’ll turn yourself over to Him.

        Your fellow submissive, and a follower of Jesus.

  9. Long Time Practitioner Avatar
    Long Time Practitioner

    One very harsh strapping my 1st wife got was when she lied to me about our son getting in trouble at school. That was her last really hard spanking and it made a lasting impression. I was working afternoon shift at the time so told her in advance of the punishment she had coming. Our son was at a grandparents for the long weekend so when I got home from work she was given what she earned. She met me at the door naked with tears already in her eyes. I made her bring me the strap and lectured her as to why it was going to be applied very strongly to her ample round bottom. I positioned her over the arm of a chair bent over with her trembling ass presented for it’s medicine. I gave her no warmup and went right to applying hard strokes. I gave them slowly with time between each for them to sink in and did not stop until my arm was tired and her entire bottom from top to upper thighs was glowing. I made her stand in the corner with her naked welted behind on display while I ate my dinner. I then took her for my pleasure and was very vigorous while having her. The next few days she did not sit comfortably and slept on her stomach to keep the pressure off her glowing ass.

  10. Of course the harshness of a spanking should depend on the offense. But to some degree every spanking should have some degree of harshness. Spanking is a training tool to insure an obedient and submissive wife. I have known several Christian husbands and wives where even though the wife professed obedience and submission to her husband’s authority, she in fact was willful and disrespectful because her husband didn’t spank her when it was needed.

    .My father in law , and our new pastor agrees , advocated that a young wife , or even an older women on her wedding night , experience the good effects of a strap, paddle . belt or riding crop. severe enough to remind her of it when she sits down for a few days. This is especially important for a young wife who must understand that male authority over her has passed from her father to her husband , a authority considerably greater. A good wedding night spanking helps establishes , in her mind, her proper station in life. I don’t think an un-spanked wife can ever be properly trained , and I believe all Christian wives need to be trained

    1. Newly wed Avatar
      Newly wed

      I do believe what you are expressing is some sort of fantasy. A wedding night should not be for establishing power in that way, nor should it be about causing pain. The wedding night is for the couple to relish, to celebrate, to join together with utmost Joy. It is a time for love making, save the discipline for later.

      1. Hello Newly Wed, I agree completely. Spanking does not fit into the purpose of the wedding night. It never even crossed my mind to do, and I don’t think it does for most couples. You use discipline when it is needed.

  11. My husband has decided I no longer need “maintenance.” However, I understand that he will continue to keep me accountable to him.
    Just thought I’d share how a “training” period can be useful, even if it seems long.

    1. Thank you. I know maintenance can be useful for many couples, and I’m sure your husband will still regularly make sure you are behaving well. There are also other ways to do maintenance besides spanking. I know you’ll be doing your best.

      I’d be interested to hear how things are going without it later on. I will post another article on maintenance in not too long. Take care.

  12. Maintenance is back for me.

    1. Octavian Avatar

      Was that due to specific misbehavior on your part? Did your husband say what caused him to reinstitute your maintenance discipline?

  13. I was not respectful in my communication with him and he noticed a significant change in my behavior since stopping the weekly spankings. So from his experience with me, he believes, and I agree, that my attitude and attention to being respectful and obedient are kept in check with maintenance. He truly believes I need consistency with them more than ever. It is a rule that I will not ask for them to cease.

  14. Fluer Avatar

    My last thrashing was a few months back now, husband was having some of his old regiment friends over for dinner and I’d walked in halfway through a conversation and gone to him I don’t think that is right ( in what he was saying) it’s one of those instances where as soon as it left my mouth I knew it was wrong I could see his eyes and lips tighten.

    Husband never spanks when angry or before bed but he did say before lights out that he was very upset and would deal with it in the morning.

    Morning and after the kids had left he turned and said we both know what happened last night was not acceptable you do not counter me in front of my friends under any circumstance, you will go upstairs undress pick the loopy and belt out of the draw and leave them on the bed then head to my study and stand facing the corner I will be up soon.

    As soon as he says the loopy I know it’s going to be a proper thrashing and the wait for it to begin is the worst 20-30 mins standing near enough naked knowing it’s going to hurt.

    First few strikes don’t really register but then the tears kick in and I’m just concentrating on hoping the next one is the last he did not hold back on this one.

    1. Hello Fluer, Thank you for the description of the thrashing you received. From what I understand you were openly contradicting your husband in front of his friends. How you speak to him in front of others is very important, and if you really have a difference of opinion, it is best discussed gently in private. I’m sure you learned the lesson he meant to instill.

      1. Fluer Avatar

        Hi Aron,

        Yes you are absolutely right, the correct way is to speak with him afterwards and to ask politely why he said that he will then invite me to say why I think it might not be correct and that is how we normally do it.

        I made that terrible mistake of not engaging my brain first, the thrashing certainly did remind me that I can have a view but not to counter husbands in front of others.

  15. “From early on in a thrashing, she knows she’s in for it. A woman will cry out more often, and louder. She might try to wriggle her bottom out of the way, or ask for mercy. She is stripped of everything and has to give herself most fully over to her man. It does not end until she is limp, or quivering, or resigned to it. In longer punishments, her bottom may go numb, and the strokes not rouse her anymore. I still continue a little beyond this point, to assure she’s on coals the next day. A thrashing needs to light her on fire.”

    Okay, this passage makes me EXTREMELY concerned, even moreso than I am reading the rest of these posts. The usage of the words “limp” and “rouse” specifically worry me.

    Does that imply that you beat her until she was unconscious, or until she was so mentally broken and exhausted she had no will or energy to respond? Either way, extremely terrible.

    This concern has been nagging to me ever since I first read this article. Please explain what you mean by those words, and what you did afterwards to take care of her, especially if she was unconscious.

    1. aronhusband Avatar

      Hello Shadow, Thanks for your comment. The words are not meant to imply anything. She is simply limp because she is not resisting the spanking anymore. She is not unconscious. After a spanking she may use a little lotion on her behind, as well as in the days to come. I would not be extremely concerned if I were you, since women are not small children, and can take a good, hard spanking.

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