Feel Like a Natural Woman (Part 2)

While I’ve written about how natural and fulfilling it is for a woman to be led by her man, and to be spanked, I want to address the goodness of her nature on another level — the physical. The same natural desire to submit, and keen ability to do so, is connected to her being; body and blood. So how strange it would be to long to be a woman in her soul, to be feminine, to be soft to her man, yet tinker with her femininity in other ways. Even attack it at its core. This twisting of femininity countless women do through the use of contraceptive chemicals to make her temporarily barren. These chemicals destroy her fertility and attack her very womanhood, the same womanhood that makes her a mother, a nurturer, and soft to her man’s touch.

What more is it to destroy a woman’s ability to bear children than a denial of her sex. Before their were transsexuals, and open proud transvestites, there were other just as bold attacks on sex — perhaps the first is that physical and chemical attack of contraception. To ignore that contraception is essentially a mild form of transsexualism is to delude oneself. It makes a woman MUCH less like a woman, and also makes her a step more like being a man. The chemical effects of this drug are not mild. They cannot be compared to the effect of an aspirin or a cup of coffee. They radically change a woman’s internal makeup and hormones. They destroy an element core to her womanhood, and effect her emotions and attractions as well. There is no doubt she makes herself less of a woman this way.

While everyone knows that chemical contraceptives alter a woman’s system, not every is so well aware of the fact that alteration effects her mind and emotions. While this has been long news in the pro-life movement, it has only recently gained much press in the mainstream media I was surprised to see it finally out there. One of the most noticeable internal effects is that a woman on contraceptives becomes less attracted to manly men. She becomes more attracted to feminine men. Suddenly the strong protector she would by nature look for is not as much in her sights. In altering her womanhood, and making her more masculine, she longs less to be protected. She longs for a softer man. This takes her a clear step out of her natural role in submission and in the home, and into totally gender-ambiguous territory, where male and female is more or less what genitalia you have.

The natural desire to submit that I wrote about elsewhere, cannot be separated from the rest of her nature or from her body. They are interrelated, and affect each other mutually. Submission. Life path. Finding a mate who is strong. Bearing children and nurturing them. A woman cannot pick and choose these as if they were chocolates in a box. They are all a part of her nature and fit into the role ordained by Almighty God. When a woman uses contraception, she is stepping out of her nature, and becoming more like a man. She finds a man who is weaker and that she can handle more like a man herself. Her desire to be protected and rest on a man’s strength, so connected to her role in the home and in motherhood, suddenly is diminished. A woman on contraceptives is not a natural woman.

The feminist cult and culture likes to laud the number of women in higher education, as well as in careers. It actively pushes them there and gives them special advantages to get there. However, every time you hear about those high numbers of women, ask yourself this: how many of them got there without using contraceptives, or without using abortion? If you think about it, the numbers suddenly go way way down. In order to get a woman to follow the path in life of a man, she’s got to be altered deep inside, and also given the easy ability to do evil, such as abortion. Otherwise, you haven’t got all those career women. You’ve got women who would find a man. More likely be having children, many of them. Being satisfied by a man who will provide what they need to safely be a wife and mother. More likely to be submissive and accept her man’s leadership and correction. Put her on contraceptives, you’ve got a masculine woman, doing more masculine things, and sadly unable to follow any desire that arises to return to the home. You’ve got a woman encouraged to be independent from her man, and self-sufficient. Contraceptives fit with feminism, and facilitate abortion. Natural femininity fits with submission, childbirth, and the home life. This is key to being a natural woman, and goes hand in hand with submission.

Moreover, a woman who alters her nature with contraception is putting into her body chemicals that cause a newly-conceived child to die. The pill, patch, shot, and similar chemicals are designed not only to prevent contraception, but also to assure that the child cannot implant in the womb. They radically increase the number of children who die within a few weeks in the womb. That’s their job. IUDs, while not changing a woman’s hormones, are uniquely abortifacient. They do nothing but kill children. If a woman needs to alter her nature, use abortifacients, and have easy access to abortion in order to act like a man, she needs desperately to find something BETTER to be doing. It all would not be possible without contraceptives, and without attacking her ability to bear children. Contraception is key to feminism. Dashing those drugs on the rocks is key to real femininity. Throw them into the sea forever, and retain your womanhood.

For those readers who are Christian, you really should research this subject, and see it in the broader context. Not only do contraceptives attack womanhood, and alter a woman’s emotions, but they were prohibited from the early Church era onward. Christians rejected contraception as a dogmatic teaching for countless centuries. The first major branch of the faith to accept it didn’t happen until the 20th century with the Anglicans. Then nearly all of Protestantism, parts of Orthodoxy, and others compromised and taught it was acceptable. Sudden enlightenment in the 20th century, or sudden compromise? Moreover, if you reject the attacks on human nature apparent in transsexualism, in transhumanism, and in the chip, you need to be able to see the same kind of attack in contraception, as well as catalogue the long and sickening list of its ill effects. Christians in a past era would have though we were demonized hedonists to be using it epidemically. They would have been right.

Many women have rediscovered their natural femininity in submitting to their man. They are not ashamed to see his headship as the godly way for them, or even accept correction from their head. They know it’s natural for them, and they are literally built for it. But submission is not the only element of the marital union that is natural, nor of our souls as well. The woman’s womb is natural. Childbearing is natural. Even going through the hardship of birth is a part of being a woman since the Fall. If a woman can wash away the false expectations of her life, and the cultural programming of her culture, in order to live out her submissive soul, she can also do the same to let her body be as God designed it; fertile, ready for life, with her hormones unaltered. She can do the same by getting rid of the chemicals which prevent life. The same flowing beauty in soft, feminine attire we can see as a gentle wife, is the same miraculous beauty that carries life within her. Her meekness and fruitfulness go together, and her man will protect her and their children, and lead them in God’s goodness as their chief. 

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  1. maffeoamanda Avatar

    If you cannot afford to have children would you advise to not have sex? I’m asking honestly not as a debate.

    1. Hello Amanda, Thanks for your question. If a couple are living modestly, and the man is working hard, then if the couple cannot afford more children there is nothing wrong with accepting community support in order to have more children. Countless families do so.

      You do not have to be rich to have children. There is aid available from family, church, private groups, and the government, who are quite generous when it comes to children’s needs.

      I hope that helps answer your question. May your family be full of children. They are all God’s blessings.

      1. John S. Avatar

        I am also wondering about you opinion on non Hormonal methods such as the copper IUD or sterilization. I feel those would not change a woman too much. Me and my wife live in a state with very little aid and far from family. Our church does not help with childcare. We want more children, but it seems impossible at times. I already work many hours and I feel it best if my wife does not work and homeschools instead.

        1. Thank you for your comment. I think you will find there are some national programs for aid, even if those in your state are not strong. That will help. You can also see if you can downsize your lifestyle, but you may already be downsized. Some sates help by paying a portion of water, gas, and electricity, which makes an immense difference.

          I’m glad you choose to have your wife care for the home and school the children. That is the best choice. However, contraception still is not necessary. IUDs are 100% abortifacient. They kill a child already conceived. Sterilization certainly changes a woman radically, even if it does not require she take hormones. I would not do any damage to her fertility, but respect it, and welcome a child if the Lord gives you one. He will provide for you and your family.

          Other choices in putting off childbirth would include NFP, which is very effective, but not perfectly so. You can also abstain from sex. However, large families are a blessing, even if you are poor. The world and the Church need more children raised in faith and virtue. They are our future, and the body of the Lord.

  2. A Learning Wife Avatar
    A Learning Wife

    I can’t imagine not having babies. They are so precious and the love I feel holding my brand new child is stronger than any love I’ve ever felt. These babies are our future, they carry our legacy, and are what make a family. I cannot imagine not having my two beautiful little ones.

    I don’t know that I’ll be able to have too many more for health reasons, but I will have as many as I can. I just love babies and children, and what this world does with abortions makes me so mad I could puke. God is not overlooking this fatal mistake in America, I promise you that.

    Mark 10:13-16 And they brought young children to him, that he should touch them: and his disciples rebuked those that brought them.
    But when Jesus saw it, he was much displeased, and said unto them, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.
    Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.
    And he took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them.

    1. That’s a wonderful attitude to have toward children and the family. Thank you for sharing that scripture. Children are very honored in the kingdom of God. Even with the recent Court ruling, it will take much more work in America to save children from dying at the hands of those who should love them most. America needs it’s heart cleansed.

      Not being one to believe in coincidence either, I find meaning in the fact the day I had an article on bearing children scheduled, the court made history and overturned the ridiculous legal opinion of Roe. This might be the only article I have on the topic.

      1. A Learning Wife Avatar
        A Learning Wife

        This is wonderful. Its a tiny step needed to change this country. You are a blessing for sure Aron.

  3. Wondering Avatar

    I’m thankful I was able to have the babies I did. 4 and one in Heaven. I never saw the need for contraception. I would have had 12 if God would have given them to me. My whole life was always looking forward to having kids. I always had a baby doll with me. My daughter is 11 and she STILL takes care of her baby doll. It looks real and she spends her own money on it. I just know she’s going to be a good mom someday! 🙂 I never thought about how chemicals change the way your hormones are and make you more masculine. That’s actually kind of scary. I’ve always been attracted to strong, big guys… the skinny jean type? No thanks. 😂 Haha… I have no idea where I was going with this, but… I can say I am thankful God knew what He was doing when He created male and female, and I agree… we shouldn’t be altering it.

  4. Nina-Eve Avatar

    Because of those modern narration about right of controling fertility, took me many years to stop fighting with mine own fertility and accept the way it looks like. When it happened I felt free! A free woman in femininity. I accepted the fact that giving a new life is my nature, so I stopped using any sort of contraception, also calendar. I accepted that sex always can cause pregnancy and it is absolutely normal and natural thing. Since that moment we have an amazing sex life, with out fear, boundaries, stress just because me and my husband understood that only acceptance our fertility can set us free. We enjoy sex any time we want to and all my pregnancies are welcomed.

    1. Mandy Avatar

      I also struggled with this when I first married. My husband had to have a lot of discussions with me to teach me my place. Now I understand that it’s my husband’s right to enjoy me anytime he wants and my duty to bear his children. I too have the joy and the freedom of knowing my place. If I ever forgot, I’m sure he’d be ready to give me a firm reminder. But I am so happy to be a good wife for him now.

      1. In my mind I really wanted be a fully submissive wife, but it wasn’t easy to become like that in a real life. Old habits had been really strong. I also had a lot conversations and lectures about my sexual submission, and took me months of a very intense work on that field to fully accept my place, to understad that “headache” isn’t an excuse to refuse intimacy, to learn that his pleasure is the only pleasure I should care, to accept that in my husbands’ opinion marriages’ duty is not just having 2-3 kids, is not just being open for a new life, but as a marriage we should actively try to get me pregnant every time I’m fertile. He believes that there is no better thing to show his manhood than seeing me with a belly and kids around. It wasn’t easy journey, not always nice, sometimes literally painful, but I am really grateful that my husband had been so patient during the process, helped me change habits and point of view on many things.
        It nice to know that I’m not the only woman who struggled with those things, but it’s also great to see that so many women worked to hard to be better better for their husbands.
        All the best 😘

        1. Hello Kinga, Thank you for your comment. It is important that women know it’s not always easy to embrace and live submission, even if you want to. It can take months, or even sometimes longer, to give up some past wrongful attitudes, and behavior patterns. Yet if they are persistent they definitely will overcome them, and a husband’s guidance and discipline greatly helps. I’m very happy to hear that you have grown so much in godly womanhood.

          I appreciate your willingness to accept the children God gives you. We need more large families. Most secular couples and worldly Christians simply do not want to have them. They commit suicide that way. I should note that you do not need to seek to get pregnant every time you are fertile, either to have a large family, or the be faithful to God. There are some sincere reasons to put it off a little while , including simple survival, and at times health. The historical Christian view is that every sex act should be open to life, and that parents should have many children if it is reasonably possible. It does not prohibit simply not having sex during a fertile period.

          A woman with her belly large is definitely a good sign a husband is doing his job. It is also a great blessing, and a sign we have a future.

          Take care.

          1. Every sex act should be open to life?

  5. I had to have a hysterectomy. Did that turn me into a man? I have never wanted to be a man and would loved to have had more children but it was my husband who did not want more than our two sons. In the end it didn’t matter since I had to have the operation. Both my pregnancies and deliveries were easy with not much pain and no analgesics. I think expectation of bad pain causes women to become anxious and stressed so that makes any pain worse. I worked many years in a hospital and noticed there is a big cultural difference in how much pain women seem to feel.

    1. Hello Lana, That’s very sad to hear. I’m sorry. I wish your husband had more influence by godly men, who would encourage him about the importance of children. Intentionally getting rid of fertility certainly is an attack on femininity, and makes a woman a step more masculine. A husband should never ask that of his wife, and there is no real need for a hysterectomy, except in cases of real medical emergency. I know you will do the best with what you now have. We should work so that more men and women realize that is the wrong way to do things. We need our children as well. This has to stop.

    2. Lana-I, too, needed a hysterectomy due to fibroid tumors. I’m sure you had similar issues to require surgery. I’m glad you have your two boys! Mine were easy drug free deliveries, as well, with manageable pain. I think being educated and prepared helps, as well as cultural differences, which may include being well-prepared by family. Aron, respectfully, I offer an alternate opinion to your statement that we are more masculine. It is my experience that femininity is more than hormones coursing through your body. I understand how important they are to the functioning of the female body, and it’s awful to have to make the choice between healthy functioning for the rest of your life and losing part of what makes you who you are. However, prayer and active submission maintains and can increase the feminine state of being. We can still be the woman our man needs, just as a man with ED isn’t a step more feminine and can still be masculine and dominant.

      1. Hello Demhi, Medical emergency is a legitimate reason to alter our body, as it is part of a necessary healing process. But it should be something serious to respond that way. Some people lose it because of cancer, and there is no avoiding that.

        A part of masculinity and femininity is indeed expressed in our hormones, which is why people who desire to be the opposite sex use hormones. These cause real sex differences in our body, although they do not change us entirely.

        Being able to bear children is also a sex difference. That doesn’t mean you are no longer your own sex, or incapable of having the qualities of that sex, but you have lost certain qualities that come with it. To take contraception, which wipes out fertility, is indeed an attack on womanhood and femininity. It removes a core part of a woman.

  6. Missy Avatar

    i am curious…. do you spend time with your wife in other ways than sex after the spanking (the next day or the same) or you simply come back to your business the next day??
    I also wonder…… how do you both manage to do spanking sessions with your children in the house..

    1. Hello Missy, Those are very good questions. The practice can vary depending on the household. In some respects I find it is business as usual after a spanking, with my wife being very easy to manage, and peaceful, doing her best to correct what got her in trouble. We naturally spend time together when we have the chance, so we are affectionate in other ways besides sex. But there is nothing set apart for those purposes just because she’s been spanked.

      Most of the time children are in the house, so we do our best to be reasonably quiet. I use a silent instrument, and I keep her biting down on something so as not to cry too loudly. If I think I need to give her a spanking that will make more noise, and take more time, I have her leave the children with family for a few hours, and then we get down to business. That does not happen often though.

      Take care.

  7. Sophia Avatar

    I really wasn’t aware of any of this, Aron, yet what you say makes a lot of sense. It gives me yet another reason to be thankful for my husband’s wise oversight and protection. He wanted us to wait a little while before welcoming a child into our home, so that we could build a solid foundation as man and wife. I assumed that meant I would take the pill, as my step-mother and some of my friends do, but my husband forbid it. He didn’t share his reasoning with me, but I was happy to do as he told me. Together, we learned natural family planning, which doesn’t place any real barriers to conception, it just makes it less likely. It leaves plenty of room for God to intervene, and in our case, that’s exactly what He did! He must have seen how much our love has grown in our first year of marriage, because He decided we were ready, whether we knew it or not. I am overjoyed to be the vessel in which new life grows, using my body for God’s holy purpose! And I’m just so thankful that, because of my husband, I don’t have toxic chemicals in my body, which could have harmed our child even after I’d stopped taking them. When we read this article together, he told me that that was exactly what he was afraid of – some kind of chemical side effects. He also just didn’t like the fact that it was a “feminist” drug, and he was so right! It makes me wonder whether I would have been able to become truly submissive under my man if a chemical was separating me from my true purpose as a woman. Maybe I would have fought him off when he spanked me that first time, and then where would we be? Arguing, probably, and headed for divorce. I wish I could share this article with my friends, but they don’t know that my husband practices marital discipline. They just know we’re happy. I’ll try to share some of these ideas with them and suggest they do some research.

    1. Hello Sophie, Thank you. I definitely want to share that knowledge as widely as possible, especially among Christians. There is other good material out there about the wrongs of contraception, and the alternatives, which perhaps you could share with your friends. Many blessings to your family.

  8. It breaks my heart that my wife and myself have not been able to have children. We have had multiple miscarriages and still birth. It is a person we lost every single time. A baby.

    When these awful people describe babies inside their mothers as “a ball of cells”, or whatever other derogatory and inaccurate terms they use, to reduce the personhood of the baby, it feels that they are saying the babies we have lost are nothing more than cells. We loved them from the moment they were inside my wife. We love them still. They were our babies.

    Maybe it’s easier to live with yourself if you think of them as a collection of cells, but the fact is that you are killing a BABY. All people are comprised of cells, does that make it ok to go around murdering them? These women are deluding themselves, as it is the only way they can look at themselves in the mirror.

    It takes work and prayer to get over any bitterness I sometimes feel about these women who are actively killing babies, meanwhile ours are dying and there is nothing we can do to stop it. It is so deeply unfair on all levels. Those poor little lives, souls, discarded like they mean nothing. It’s disgusting. These women are ungrateful, ungodly, uncaring and cold-blooded killers.

    I agree with your article, Aron. It does diminish womanhood to mess with the hormonal balance of a lady. It would seem these people are not content to erode femininity through their ridiculous social changes, they also want to do it internally too. They are messing with biology and they are messing with God’s creation. It is unnatural.

    If it wasn’t so sinful, it would almost be laughable – that these women think they can undo thousands of years of nature, just because they want to. Women have been in the home since the dawn of time. They have been carers, mothers, wives and homemakers since the creation of mankind. All the bra burners in the world cannot change the ways of nature.

    I thank God every day that my wife is wise enough to not meddle with nature. What’s more, she is happier for it. She knows her place, she loves her life, because she is not constantly fighting nature, she feels secure that she has a strong leader and provider. The responsibility to face the world is mine alone, her responsibility lies in the house, in her wifely duties. She has her arts and crafts, baking, church, WI to keep her occupied. She is very happy with this. She cleans the house, cooks and makes things so wonderful when I return home from work. She gets money for groceries and some extra for clothing and her hobbies. We enjoy time together on holidays, day trips together, dance classes. We have fun, share hobbies, talk to each other, go walking, have a wonderful sex life. She is happy and fulfilled by her life, because she is not defying nature.

    She worships God above all others, as she ought to, of course. But she also worships me, as her provider, the strong hand keeping her on a righteous path, the leader of our household and her protector from all the evil influences women face nowadays. Yes she gets disciplined occasionally, but she is loved, cherished and protected – everything a woman should be, according to the word of God, and according to nature itself. I pray that these other women learn the error of their ways.

    1. Bless you, Mike. I’m very sorry for your losses. I know you love every single child you have had. Your wife sounds like a very godly woman who must bless your home abundantly.

      A mole is a clump of cells, an unborn child is a living human being. That’s the science. Christianity, thank God, brought the pagan world past normalized abortion and infanticide and prohibited those practices. It also ended the brutal gladiator games. Now paganism is trying to make a comeback. But it will lose in the end. Christ will be victorious over all.

      Christianity shows the dignity that every human being has, and demands we respect it, including the weakest and smallest of us. It took us beyond pagan immorality as well, where a man could have multiple wives, and where prostitution, including religious prostitution was normal. It gave us the God-ordained family; one man and and one woman for life. This alone is a powerful stable foundation stone of society, and brings wellness to all of us. The family protects human life, preserves it, passes along virtue, provides love, along with mental and emotional stability. Immorality is no better than a dirty bomb in a crowded subway station.

      I pray God brings you children in the future, if it is within His will. God’s way is life and peace, and He will rule forever and ever.

    2. Charina Avatar

      First – sorry for my missspelling, english isnt my first language. I hope my answer is allowed, since it has nothing to do with the topic.
      I am very sorry for your losses. I know how you feel.
      I had many misscariages too and since not many people know about it i would suggest to let check the immunology of your wife. My Immunsystem was too active so i lost my babies.
      I got medical treatment and have now 2 healthy children.
      I wish you the best and hope your dream of children will become true.
      Don’t give up!

  9. Amazing article. I agree with everything you have said, Aron. I’m not a Christian. I’m a Hindu from India. As a measure of population control, the govt. actively promotes 2 child families and couples are encouraged to either get a vasectomy or tubectomy performed after 2 children. Many couples take the option and do so, but I think this is short-sighted. Children are a blessing. It’s God who decides how many children He will give us. I’m against messing around with God’s will. I’m the youngest of 4 children in my family. If my parents had decided to go in for family planning surgery after 2 kids, I wouldn’t be here. I have been married for just over a year and my wife is now expecting our first child. Both of us are so happy. When we got married she was in the final year of undergraduate studies. I decided to wait for a few months before starting a family, but I never asked her to take contraceptives. I used condoms. Probably not the best choice, but I wanted to make sure she finished her degree. I did not want her to be distracted when it comes to bearing and raising children. Being a wife and mother is a woman’s primary responsibility. She understands this. We both wish for a house full of children. She is feminine and submissive. When She does not wish it to be any other way.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Dinesh. I’m saddened so many Indians have bought into small families. Let the secular humanists wipe themselves out with contraception. We will have a future instead. You will have a large and happy household for all of your days. Best to you and your family.

      1. Thank you, Aron. That’s our fervent wish.

      2. Searching Avatar

        Well said Aron. And that is exactly what they are doing by contacepting and aborting themselves out of existence. But parents please be aware that they will come for your children and try to groom them because they don’t have any of their own. The birth rates in many countries are below the rate to simply replace themselves. If this continues many countries will collapse because there will be no babies to replace the aging population.

        Many God fearing parents are aware of the plans of secularists for stealing their children’s souls and are standing up to them. We have the heartbeat bill in Georgia and put an end to transgender surgery for minors. My husband took me to the Capitol yesterday to support a senate bill to remove pornagraphic books from public school libraries. You would not believe what is in our public school libraries!. This is where it starts, with the indoctrination of children. My husband blessed me with the ability to stay home with our children. We homeschooled our children and had control over everything they saw.

        Also, our daughter just had a baby and she is a stay at home mom with a 3 year old and a 3 month old. When she went for her 6 week checkup after the baby was born they asked her about birth control. She said, “I don’t use it, we use natural family planning “. And the nurse said, “good for you”!. The medical profession knows how bad contraception is.

        Blessings to all non-contracepting families and go forth and be fruitful and multiply and fill your quivers. A quiver holds 12 arrows!

        1. aronhusband Avatar

          It’s good to hear from you, Searching. Congratulations on your new grandchild. God be praised. I appreciate the encouragement you offer to families to have more children. That is essential to the family. This is also how God brings many people to faith, through the teaching of their parents and their home life. It is selfish and self destructive to refuse to have children. Parents certainly have an ethical obligation to their children to keep them away from the evil influences of the culture, including those in the secular schools. It is truly demonic. It will greatly harm them. Homeschooling is growing, but we need to see much more.

          I am glad to hear that your family is involved in working to better our nation. The law of man needs to conform to the law of God, or it will be corrupt. A current state senator in Kansas is working very boldly to reform the laws there to respect God’s law. With man’s faith and will that can be done, through the grace of God. To truly protect the unborn we need full abolition of abortion, and a legal protection for their human rights. Women now brag about slaughtering their babies. That tells you where we are at. However, Christ taught that the gates of hell would never withstand His Church, and Christ will win in the end.

          God bless you and your family. Thank you for all you do.

          EDIT: Sorry, it is Oklahoma, not Kansas.

  10. Biology teacher Avatar
    Biology teacher

    I do want to respectfully disagree with one of your premises here which is that birth control pills make a woman more like a man. Birth control pills mimic the hormonal situation a woman would have while she is pregnant. A pregnant woman is not like a man, she has never been more feminine than she is when she is pregnant. I do believe the pro-life movement unfortunately has become zealous and dogmatic against birth control which I don’t think is wise. There’s also a lot of misinformation about birth control in the pro-life movement. Progesterone is the main ingredient in many birth control pills and progesterone does not make a woman like a man, it makes her like a pregnant woman… You are right that it changes her emotions and her psychology but so does being pregnant.

    1. Hello Biology Teacher, Thank you for your comment, and for visiting my website. I would ask you to reevaluate your acceptance of birth control in general. Birth control is wrong on multiple levels, and is currently destroying our future, through preventing mothers from having children, and through killing children at an early age of development in the womb. The only way we should be prepared to not be dogmatic, is perhaps accept its use in medical emergencies. However, to simply prevent births, which we ought to be experiencing anyway, it is wrong.

      I believe I have explained my assertion that birth control masculinizes a woman, making her more like a man. It’s not the hormone itself, but the fact it wipes out her fertility, making it nearly impossible to have children. Without fertility, she both loses a part of her womanhood, and becomes more like a man, who by his nature cannot have children. That is how it masculinizes her, which I hope no woman would desire to do, whether it basically feigns pregnancy or not. It is an unnatural practice, and medicates a healthy person, which is ridiculous as well as unethical.

    2. For anyone else who is unaware of this, here is a good article on the abortion-inducing affects of common contraception. This is no secret — it has been known about for ages — but gets swept under the rug even in “conservative” circles. You are not only preventing pregnancy when you use them, you are potentially killing a child after he has been conceived.

      This is from Human Life International: https://www.hli.org/resources/what-are-abortifacients/

      No one is pro-life because it is a political belief, or because it is a unique dogma of a religion. People are pro-life because it is wrong to murder an innocent little child.

      That is the law of God and it is written on the heart of every single man every born.

  11. I so appreciate your taking this position! I appreciate even more that you hold it even when a married couple may not be able to “afford” more children.

    1. That’s wonderful. Bless you. Couples should accept the children that God gives them. Money difficulties don’t usually make it impossible, especially considering all the aid which is available for families and children. You just generally have to accept a more modest lifestyle. That’s all.

  12. elizaishis Avatar

    My husband like you was always against any hormonal birth control. We started out using natural family planning but quickly rejected it as I wasn’t always able to abstain during my most fertile time. We learned early on that I am at my most in the mood during my fertile period and decided to trust God with however many children we had and stopped all birth control very early on in our marriage. In 22 years of marriage we’ve been blessed by 3 children. I just turned 40 and would still love to have more children.

    1. That’s great. Praise God for your children. He can give us few or many.

  13. Searching Avatar

    Aron you are correct that the heartbeat bill does not go far enough. We have to work to abolish abortion completely. It is the most restrictive abortion bill in the US. Its detractors were angry because they argued that 6 weeks was not enough time to detect pregnancy and then it was too late. The bill also includes personhood. Only Georgia and 3 or 4 other states have personhood. It declares a fetus a person, requires medical care be given and a fetus is considered a dependent prior to birth and can be counted on tax returns. The fetus has the same rights as someone born.

    You are right this is still not good enough. My husband attended the annual walk for life this past weekend (I was babysitting). We go every year and when we homeschooled I took our children. We did the silent march around Atlanta and carried a large banner identifying our Catholic Homeschool group. We have another event coming up in February. We keep fighting for life at all stages from conception till death. My daughter helps with a charity called “Walking with mothers in need”. They help to support families after the baby is born up to 2 or 3 years. This is the left’s complaint that we pro-lifers don’t support babies after they are born. That is not true. We also attended a rally last year to mark the 1 year anniversary of the reversal of Roe v Wade in the beautiful park next to the Georgia Capitol. Admission was a box of diapers!

    Hopefully Georgia will be the first state to completely ban all abortion.

    God Bless.

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