Repeat Spankings

The idea of a husband spanking his wife several times in short succession seems on the surface a bit extreme. Often our first thought is that one punishment only deserves one spanking, or that having two in a row could be dangerous. With those limited ideas it seems superficially radical to be giving a spanking upon a spanking. Yet with a little more thought, we can see the situations that may force a man to discipline his wife a few times, even one after another. Let’s take a look at what those situations might be, and how once can also address reasonable concerns about safety of the practice.

One of the most obvious situations that calls for multiple spankings is if a wife acts up or gets very mouthy during her discipline. If she is being spanked for an infraction, this amounts to a second one, and hardly a minor one, as a wife needs to be respectful, especially during discipline. Husbands may deal with this by applying another spanking after the first, with perhaps a break in between, so that she can digest the lesson of her punishment, and then have her second correction explained to her. In such a situation, with spankings in close succession, a husband may perform the second in a different manner, so that it is clearly belonging to the second lesson, such as using a new instrument, or a new position. Many husbands though deal with an acting up during a session with extra strokes of the same spanking, or give their wives several unbearable ones on the upper thighs. This can be very successful in turning her around from bad behavior quickly, and eradicate the need to deliver a second spanking, which would extent the length of the session greatly.

Another obvious case in which more than one spanking is called for right next to another is when there have either been multiple offenses, or an ongoing offense. Two offenses, reasonably, call for two punishments. A wife who neglected her work, and then lied and said she had done it, has clearly done two wrongs, and has earned more than one punishment. An ongoing offense, such as being dishonest over a long period of time, can also be viewed as multiple infractions, and requiring a lesson which is repeated. It may not be repeated the same day, but will be repeated shortly after, and for that reason amount to nearly the same thing. If a wife can disobey her husband one time after another, she can get spanked one time after another. Her behavior will better with time.

If you can imagine for a moment what a husband goes through training a new wife, who is full of attitude and feminist ideas, then you can understand it is sometimes unavoidable to give several spankings side by side. A wife who is new to learning submission can stumble time and again back into giving her husband mouth, and being openly disrespectful. She may even do things harmful to spite him. She is more likely to stubbornly resist discipline. Even a wife who knows she needs to turn her behavior around may take many months to do so. Old forms of thought have to be dropped. The compelling desire to be in control has to be shed. Getting bent over to be spanked will be more common than you think in these situations. She’s learning a whole new woman. Her pride is getting stripped out of her and replaced with softness. She is learning to be deferential and openly respectful to her lord. If her husband spanks her already reddened bottom, it’s not really a surprise. Such blisterings let her know there is no possible return to the old way of life. She must be respectful and obedient every hour of every day.

The need to combine two different kinds of spankings can arise as well. A wife who is receiving weekly maintenance might also be disobedient shortly before or after her maintenance, and end up getting spanked with her butt still sore from before, and over her red, and marked skin. Likewise, husbands who give preemptive spankings, to remind their wives to behave during an upcoming event, may have to give one side by side with a punishment spanking, unless he neglects either one, which he shouldn’t wish to do. One act of disobedience, if it has proven itself a pattern of bad behavior, may end up in a punishment spanking first, and a reminder later on. That is at times what it takes for her to learn the self control.

I believe the fear of being spanked twice in such a short period is greater than the actual danger of it. Yet still, there are reasonable concerns. If the previous spanking had been quite hard, and there are serious marks, it could be safer to make the subsequent spanking a bit lighter. If that is inadvisable, a husband could also aim to avoid hitting the more serious marks on her bottom, but still deliver a hard, and formidable spanking. A wife who has gotten herself in such a situation — and I don’t think it’s that common — likely has it coming, and has earned it by her misbehavior. She needs to learn the lesson, and learn to avoid those consequences in the future. Delivering one spanking after another is not cruel at all as long as it’s deserved, and is done carefully to avoid injury.


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  1. Sophie Avatar

    Hi Aron, I’d like your opinion about something. Is denying your husband sexually something that warrants a punishment? For me, there are always days out of every month where I just don’t feel in the mood at all and my husband gets frustrated with me for turning him down. It’s not something that I’m proud of and I’m considering asking for his help with this. Of course, since I’m aware of the problem, I feel like I should just fix it on my own. Thoughts?

    1. Hello Sophie, Thank you for your question. A wife should never deny her husband sex. Unless he agrees that it’s a good idea to put it off, actually refusal, when he wants sex, is sinful as well as being wrong on other levels. A wife needs to submit to her husband, and her body belongs to him. An actual denial of sex deserves a serious punishment. I would punish my wife for that, although it hasn’t happened once in around seventeen years of marriage.

      If you are feeling ill or very exhausted, there is nothing wrong with asking him if he will wait, but that is not refusal, it is asking. Many husbands will agree to wait until the next day if it really is a serious matter. However, he might judge it as not serious, and insist, which he has every right to do. In that case, you need to comply with your husband’s will. Your husband also needs to know that he has the authority to enjoy your body when he desires.

      I hope that makes some sense to you, and sheds light on your situation. You ought to share this answer with your husband, of course.

      May you and your family be blessed.

      1. Sophie Avatar

        Thank you for your response. It’s typically not exhaustion or illness. We have 7 children and my husband works long hours. By the time he gets home, I’m “touched out,” and mentally exhausted. Unfortunately, it’s not a problem that would be solved by waiting another day because the next day is the same.

        1. That sheds some more light on your situation. If that’s the case, the best thing to do is learn to give it to him despite the obstacle you feel. It ought to get easier to do with time. He is your husband and deserves it.

      2. Great response! I agree with everything you mentioned. I know how tiring it is with kids but she has to realize her husband comes first biblically speaking and to refuse him is sinful. For medical issues she needs to respectfully present her request for a rain check or maybe see if she can satisfy him another way orally, handjob, etc.

    2. Hello Sophie. I hope it is all right for me to respond here, and give another wife’s perspective. In my house, denying my husband sexually not only warrants a punishment but warrants a very serious one. He scolds me very thoroughly and uses his belt. I struggled to understand this when I first married, but my husband taught me that it is his right to enjoy my body wherever, however, and whenever he chooses, and it is my duty to stay still and quiet for him as he requests when he uses for me. I’m ashamed to say that I found this very difficult as a new bride, and earned myself a lot of hard spankings and beltings. As with other areas of obedience, reluctance and whining and pouting and struggling are a sign of defiance and need to be dealt with firmly. To deal with my difficulties, my husband instituted a consistent schedule of me serving him, including greeting him on my knees when he returned home from work each day; this training was very humbling and helped me understand that I could not get out of these duties just because I felt like it.

      It took a lot of serious discussions, but I have learned that it is my duty not to refuse my husband. I learned that if I try to do so, I will get a very sore bottom and then get used roughly afterwards to teach me my place. I hope that your husband can help you understand that the idea of being “in the mood” is not relevant to your duty to satisfy him. Learning to satisfy him when required without any fuss will help you understand your place as a wife.

      1. Sophie Avatar

        Thank you, Mandy ❤

      2. Shropsgirl Avatar

        I’ll preface this by saying I know I’ll be criticised for what I’m about to say but ‘lay still and quiet’ … that’s not coming together in a godly union! I fully agree you should never refuse and frankly neither should he (not that I imagine that’s a problem!) that is because intimacy between husband and wife is the bedrock of the marriage … learn each other’s bodies and take pride in pleasing each other … you’re each other’s biggest and best gift from God … show that you appreciate that! And honestly if you BOTH show that, refusal will never be an issue anyway.

        1. Hello, I don’t believe her attitude is merely to “lay still and be quiet,” but she is learning to overcome her resistance and her refusal. Certainly both man and wife should delight in each other’s bodies. However, refusal can still be an issue for some women, be it out of insecurity or out of pride. Some women will need to be corrected for that, and will learn to overcome any instinct to refuse. Then as she grows in sexual submission, she will grow in daily submission as well.

      3. If I may clarify, my attitude is not merely to lay still and be quiet. Now that I have learned my place, my husband and I certainly come together in a Godly union quite often. But at the start of our marriage, when I struggled with understanding my marital duties, learning to stay still and quiet for him was the first step in getting past my refusal and reluctance. Just as I had to learn to keep my position properly for a punishment session with his belt, I had to learn to keep still for him when he wanted to use my body to exercise his marital rights. I’m ashamed to say that this took a lot of serious discussions and discipline before I really stopped fussing, complaining, or struggling. But the lessons were really important and central to my understanding of my place in our marriage. I describe this here because I believe it may be helpful with Sophie’s struggle with being “touched out”, mentally exhausted, and “not in the mood”. Fortunately a wife being mentally exhausted does not preclude her from allowing her husband to enjoy her. She must simply learn to be feminine, obedient, and demure, remembering her place. Of course a more active role in intimacy and delighting in one another’s bodies is ultimately preferable, but a woman who is struggling with refusal must first learn submission and obedience.

        Like Sophie, I have also struggled with tiredness and distraction at various points in my marriage, particularly after having children and during especially busy seasons of entertaining. Being too tired is not an acceptable excuse for a wife to abandon her duty to her husband. I’ve had moments where I’ve needed firm reminders of this, even though my struggles were not as intense as when we first married. These included serious discussions about putting my husband first. When I was really too tired to be in the proper frame of mind for him to use me, he decided to reevaluate my schedule to prevent that from happening again. That might be something Sophie wants to explore: it could mean cutting down on frivolous activities or time with friends during the day. For me, being too tired for my husband because I was spending too much time gossiping with friends meant I was not properly putting him first (and that I was engaging in the sin of gossip, which was another discussion). He developed a strict schedule for me to help me manage my time better. He also instituted an early bedtime for a period of time so I could not complain about being too tired. I had to adhere to this bedtime no matter what, including if we had company over. I struggled with it at first, but after some firm discipline I learned to accept it. And it certainly did help me remember how to please my husband properly again, and put him first. If you are still struggling with this issue, Sophie, it may be worth asking your husband whether an early bedtime could help teach you your place.

  2. A Learning Wife Avatar
    A Learning Wife

    I was curious If bottom is seriously marked, is it acceptable to punish a wife on breasts or lady parts? Or few slaps to face maybe?

    1. Hello Learning Wife, I do not advise doing that, although I know husbands who do. Striking other spots such as the back, breasts, or legs, is more associated with bdsm, and also carries more possible danger. I don’t see anything wrong with the occasional slap in the face, as long as it’s done carefully, but considering the force needed to give a good spanking, it probably would not suffice as a proper punishment. Some men uses quick slaps in the face as a necessary attention getter in the moment, if a woman is beginning to get out of hand. But it’s not much of a punishment. I think if there is a risk of injury due to a recent spanking, it’s just best to wait a little while until a necessary second one. I hope that answers your question.

      1. A Learning Wife Avatar
        A Learning Wife

        Thanks Aron for the explanation!

    2. Learning wife in my opinion striking a wife anywhere but her behind is very dangerous and threatens a wife’s wellbeing . While there is certainly an absolute need for a Christian wife to be physically corrected for disobedience or disrespectful behavior it is imperative that this punishment in no way puts the wife at risk in any way. The good lord is his wisdom made the behind of a woman a safe place to apply a strap or a paddle so it’s my opinion that under no circumstances should a wife be struck anywhere else.

  3. Sophie Avatar

    Thank you for giving me your opinion. Do you think that I should still share your first reply with my husband?

    1. You’re welcome. Yes, absolutely share it with him.

  4. In the early days when I started spanking my wife, there were occasions where she would require two spankings. For example, if she lied about a transgression. She earned a spanking for the transgression, overspending and earned a second much worse spanking for lying. My spankings are hard spankings, so I won’t spank back to back. If it is during the work week, she will be spanked on successive nights. On the weekend, she would be spanked several hours apart. She is always informed that I will be spanking her again, just as severely. That in itself, is an effective punishment. Fortunately, this does not occur very often. Dishonesty and mouthing off also earns her a mouth soaping. One spanking is enough to keep her and her behind in line.

  5. The only time that I have used multiple spankings for a single offense was when Jane secretly ran up a large credit card bill. I discovered it when I came home from work early and was able to get the mail. It was a very large bill, too large for us to be able to pay off immediately. This was the second most serious offense Jane has ever committed and I was not initially very calm about it. This was so serious I decided to seek the counsel of our ministry at that time. The punishment decided upon was that every time this bill arrived Jane was required to put the bill and the strap on the kitchen table and have me find her in the corner when I came home. When I arrived home she was given a fairly severe strapping after which she did corner time until her bath and bedtime. This of course happened every month until the bill was paid. I don’t remember exactly how long it took to pay off the bill now but I would think it took close to a year. Someone on another forum was very critical of this punishment calling it excessive. But I don’t agree I think the punishment was reasonable and well deserved.

    While not a problem I have had to deal with, Aron mentions the situation where a wife has feminist ideas. Such a women will be very difficult to train and here I also think the use of multiple spankings might be needed. In addition other forms of discipline may be needed. For example having her stay nude for an extended time and during extra chores I think would be good training to facilitate her transition from being full of false and sinful pride to being a humbled wife who embraces her submission and comes to understand her proper place. I would especially insist she learn to be openly submissive and obedient in front of other people in any social setting. Those who knew her before and after her training would be able to see the transition as a good example

  6. “If you can imagine for a moment what a husband goes through training a new wife, who is full of attitude and feminist ideas, then you can understand it is sometimes unavoidable to give several spankings side by side. ”

    Sounds like me 😅 I had (sometimes still have) personalities in my mind, feminist who screamed I’m crazy asking my husband for DD, and the second one who asked for DD.
    I really wanted be submissive but that first personality sabotaged me. It was sooo frustrating! In my mind I’ve been fully submissive, but in a real life wasn’t so great so during first 6 months I earned a looooot of spankings. That feminist thoughts and behaves are really difficult to kick out :/

    1. Thanks for your comment, Kinga. A lot of regularly spanked wives are ex feminists, who once thought spanking was crazy. Now they are reaping the rewards. It definitely takes some persistence to put certain attitudes in the past. Ideas that get drummed in repeatedly, need to get drummed out repeatedly. Repeat spankings are not rare at the start.

  7. Sophie Avatar

    Thank you for your reply, KB. If anyone has any tips on how to bring this up to my husband, that would be great. We’re currently not in a dd relationship but I would like to be. My husband sees it as a something kinky, not biblical.


    1. Hello Sophie, I didn’t know exactly what your situation was before. There are a couple of different approaches you can take. I have this one article specifically on the topic, and I have touched on it in several others. I hope you find this piece helpful:

  8. Georgie M Avatar
    Georgie M

    Hello Aron. I wanted to share my unique situation and ask for your opinion on the matter. I work for a small company and over the years I’ve been working here, It’s come to me and my husband’s knowledge that my immediate boss spanks his wife.

    My husband has told me just a few days ago that he has given permission to my boss to spank me for poor job performance with the condition that he is aware beforehand.

    I was and still am uncomfortable with anyone but my husband spanking me for disobedience, but just yesterday at work I was told by my husband that he would be coming into my work for an “introductory spanking” from my boss. My boss gave me one of the hardest spankings I have ever received while under my husband’s supervision. The experience was humiliating but also humbling. And I am certain that I will take my job more seriously and respect my boss more intently.

    However, I worry about the line being crossed with this situation, and I’m curious about your thoughts of another man disciplining another man’s wife.


    1. Thank you for your question Georgie, and for visiting my website. I have spoken with a few couples who have the wife spanked by other men than the husband. I do not recommend this, for the simple reason that spanking is very intimate, very humbling, and often involves nudity. That, and the amount of deep trust involved, makes the husband the only appropriate one to spank his wife. Her body is his, and he is the one she is most able to place her deep trust in.

      I’m not saying it can’t possibly work, and I know couples who have found benefit in it. However, it is inappropriate, and risky, and I wouldn’t advise it. As long as there is nothing lewd or sexual involved, I would not make a fight out of the matter. I would suggest to your husband that he take care of all the discipline, due to the factors I have mentioned. I’m sure he is more than capable, so having the boss do it seems nothing close to a necessity. If you have misbehaved at work, or clearly been negligent, your husband can spank you at home, just as hard. You boss might also have other forms of discipline he may use, which are not so intimate, as employers generally do.

      Here is an article that I wrote about that general subject:

    2. Georgie M I hope Aron will allow me to offer an opinion on this. I am in general agreement with Aron and if this is a sexual thing it’s very sinful. But spankings outside the marriage are not necessarily sinful. If you are faithful to your husband and he to you, there is no sin involved. Sexual relationships outside the marriage vows are always sinful, you can say it’s one of the big ten. The problem is that your husband has authority over you, and he decides how you are punished. So strictly speaking if nothing sinful is being asked of you here, you must obey your husband. I think Aron will agree with this. You can only refuse to obey your husband if he asks you to sin and getting a punishment spanking is never a sin. If you are uncomfortable with this, you should respectfully ask your husband that only he spank you. But if he still orders you to submit to spankings from your boss, frankly I don’t see how you can disobey your husband. Your husband is responsible to God in how he leads you and how he corrects you, you answer to God on how obedient you are to your husband who God has put over you. God commands you to obey your husband he would never hold you accountable for obedience to your husband as long you do not sin.

    3. Mark Bowood Avatar
      Mark Bowood

      Hi Georgie,
      I feel that while it is likely reasonable for your husband to allow your boss to spank you, there is more information needed to figure out if it is untoward or not.

      1. Was there anything sexual about the spanking, on either your husbands side, yours, or your bosses? If there was that would be inappropriate.
      2. Were you fully nude during the spanking? Bottom bared?
      3. Did you bend over his lap or over something else? I ask this question to determine how intimate the spanking was?
      4. Did he simply spank you or did he lecture you during the spanking and require you to call him sir/some title of respect? Was he acting as an authority figure or simply carrying out a punishment your husband had approved of?
      5. Did he require you to have corner time before or after the spanking? Was nudity involved?
      6. Do you often mess up at work in a way that requires that your boss would need to spank you?
      7. Did he use his hand or an implement?

      Sorry for the invasive questions. It’s just a weird scenario and I am trying to figure out exactly what the goal of this was to be able to offer the best advice.

      Finally, if your boss is using corporal discipline on an employee during work hours (and at a work location) then he is likely running the risk of some sort of employment lawsuit. Just pointing that out.

      1. Thanks for your comment, Mark. Those are all good questions to look into, and I would doubt the legality even of consensual spankings by a superior at the workplace.

    4. I have had the same situation. I have been cleaning for members of my husbands family. He told me that he will give them authority to spank me if the house is not cleaned properly. So far it has not happened as I have been so careful.
      I do believe he has the right to allow them to spank me but only over clothes.

      1. Hello Anne, Thank you for your comment. I generally do not recommend that kind of arrangement, and spanking can be very intimate even with clothing on, either physically or emotionally. I’m sure he will be careful to try and arrange it properly, but I believe it’s best if he takes care of punishing you himself.

        1. Thank you so much for your advice. I explained it to my husband and he hadn’t thought of that. He is going to stop the arrangement and will just punish me himself if needed.

          1. That’s great to hear. I think you’ll both find that’s all you need. Blessings.

  9. Long Time Practitioner Avatar
    Long Time Practitioner

    My current wife has received repeat spankings for a couple of things usually related to her driving or cellphone use. Last month I went with a friend to help him pick up and install a new water heater. While I was with him, I got a phone call from my wife telling me we needed to talk when I was dropped off at home… I came home to see a large dent in the side of my vehicle and her vehicle with damage matching the exact condition of mine. When I went in the house, she was already face down fully naked on the bed with her bottom elevated by pillows and the spanking implements laid out. She explained that she had been on the phone while backing up and hit my vehicle knowing full well that she had been repeatedly told about phone use while driving. I asked her calmly why she was on the phone when she knew the consequences for her actions to which she had no explanation. I told her that she would be spanked that day, pay for the damage to both vehicles and be spanked again once they were repaired. The 1st spanking was very thoroughly applied with the strap from the top of her bottom to her upper thighs and finished with a freshly cut switch after 30 minutes of bare bottom corner time. The 2nd was in 2 weeks after we picked up both from the body shop. That spanking was as vigorous as the 1st, but I made her cut her own switch for the finishing touches. Her bottom glowed both times for a few days after but she knew she earned it. Hopefully she has learned this time that cellphones and driving do not mix well.

  10. Tony Senex Avatar
    Tony Senex

    Hello Georgie, just a month ago I read on an Italian magazine a letter from Paola who lived a situation a little similar to yours. In 1963 she was 21 and worked as shop girl in a female clothes store. Good salary, elegant uniform but.. at the end of the work day Paola and the other shop girls were called into the shopmistress office and who had done something wrong was flogged with the cane, from 3 to 7 strokes, on the bare bottom. It seems like your situation. Really it is very different.
    1 That happened in 1963
    2 The boss was a WOMAN.
    3 The girls were probably all unmarried.
    4 No sexual abuse was possible since all the girls were watching.

    In my opinion your husband, Georgie, is wrong allowing your male boss spanks you. If you make mistakes on work, your boss should inform your husband who will warm your bottom at home afterwards.

  11. A Faithful Husband Avatar
    A Faithful Husband

    You raise some interesting points, Aron. I’m sure some wives are more difficult to train than others, and any man foolish enough to marry a feminist has to know that he’s got his work cut out for him. But even a soft and submissive woman might find herself over her man’s knee twice in one week if she’s really struggling to improve her behavior. It’s not always about whether she’s willing to obey. Sometimes a woman just lacks the self-discipline. That’s why the work of a Christian husband is so important. Lighting a fire under her now is better than the alternative – on this earth or in the afterlife. I spank my wife because I love her, and because it’s my duty to protect her immortal soul. I wouldn’t hesitate to spank her again when she was still hurtin from the last one if that’s what it took. I can gauge how much she can take. I once gave my wife a little “reminder” spanking before a visit to her family. She and her stepmother are like oil and water sometimes, and I could tell she was tense. I spanked her just to gentle her down a bit and remind her to watch her tongue. It worked like I intended, and we had a good day, but if it hadn’t, she would’ve gone bottoms-up the minute we walked in our door, I can tell you that. A woman needs to show her elders respect.

  12. I never fail to earn my maintenance on Sunday mornings, even if I have been disciplined on Saturday, sometimes it is very difficult to be a wife who receives discipline from her husband, but I know we are on the right track.

  13. Aron, from what I understand you are not in favor of spanking in places other than the butt, but my husband uses spanking in other places too, such as hands and feet, I get spanked in the palms of my hands when I try to stop or stop a punishment by placing hands on buttocks, so i get additional punishment on hands because my husband said i have to learn not to do that

    Beating on the soles of the feet, My husband believes that the soles of the feet, as well as the band, are favorable places to receive punishment, as they withstand many blows, without permanent damage, my husband uses beatings on the feet for punishment for delays or for leaving without warning , my husband likes to let me know where I am always, even when I go out to the market or pharmacy, and sometimes I forget, but every time I swipe the card he gets a text message, so he knows where I am

    Vagina spanking, My husband said that self masturbation is a sin, I have received spanking in the vagina for this sin, and in the mouth, as a warning or for swearing, or using bad language
    I would like to know if you have used or other experienced husbands have used these practices

    1. Hello Lara, Thank you for your questions. I would strongly recommend not spanking on places other than the behind. The hands, feet, and sexual organ are not really built to take a spanking, and are far riskier targets. They can more easily be injured.

      The bottom is also appropriate because it is well associated with household punishment, and baring the bottom naturally carries with it a sense of shame. Other targets seem either odd, or overly associated with torture. The sexual organ has its own unique and revered purpose, and is very sensitive. I would not strike on the mouth either.

      The bottom is appropriate both physically, and in what it represents. It can take the punishment, and be pretty much fine afterward.

      Here is one article I have on the topic, which you may have seen:

      In marriage it should be normal the satisfy each other sexually. I don’t think a husband or wife would need to masturbate, although they might consider it if they were apart for a long time. If your husband punishes you for that, an ordinary spanking ought to work.

      Take care.

      1. Debbie_L Avatar

        Hello Aron, I can relate to Lara’s problem – I was masturbating regularly early in my marriage. This wasn’t essentially a sexual thing – my husband and I had sex very frequently. I often didn’t even have sexual thoughts when doing it, it was more like a bad habit I acquired during college whenever I was stressed out or bored.
        Then I got caught in the act by my husband. He gave me a very hard spanking (on my backside) and forbade me to ever do it again. If I should feel the urge to do it or if I felt my hand drop to my crotch I should instead stop immediately, give myself a hard slap on the cheek and find some chores or needlework to do.
        He also said that pleasing myself regularly had made me a bit egotistical and that I would need some “untraining” to get rid of this.
        So for a month I would not get any direct sexual pleasure at all, so that my mind could learn to derive pleasure from being pleasing to others, instead. I really became much more eager to serve my husband orally, so that I would ask him several times a day to be allowed to please him, and after 2 weeks or so I also noticed that I found much more pleasure in simply serving him in non-sexual ways and generally being more servile towards him.
        My husband also was very pleased with my development, so he resumed vaginal sex after the month was over.
        I became a happier wife that now finds pleasure in simple acts like serving him dinner and sees sexual gratification as a privilege to be granted by a happy and satisfied husband.

        1. Thank you for sharing your experience, Debbie. A wife should definitely find fulfillment in serving her husband. You learned a good lesson, and it sounds like you are still gaining from it.

    2. pafarmergirl Avatar

      I am new to the spanking as a form of discipline life. I am a mom of 4 with a full time job and alot of responsibilities and I can’t help but to feel degraded by this. I can be mouthy and I vent to a small circle of friends about my partner and our issues. He feels it makes him look like a monster, but I’m only commenting on how I feel at that moment. During times of separation I have been with other people and I am getting punished for it because what I believe is something different then him. For example I was with someone on our recent split and I said it wasn’t anyone local. I do not consider that town local bc I am never there but he has friends everywhere. So I answered based on what I think and I get punished for it not being correct. Also for communicated with people I had been with. I didn’t consider a fb like on a post about quiting smoking communication, but my partner did. I have since removed the people completely. I did stand up off the bench today during reprimand to vocally stress my displeasure. Which I was advised will not happen again. I came from a household from which I was knocked around as a child. How do I not see this as my partner enjoying degrading me.

      1. Hello PA Farmergirl, Thank you for your comment, and for visiting my website. From what you describe, there is a lot in your current relationship which is far outside of what it should be. For this reason alone, spanking will not likely serve the purpose it was meant to serve. I think the first order of business is to enter the right kind of relationship, treat one another as you should, and then see if spanking is helpful. I cannot tell if you are married to this man or not, although you describe yourself as a mother of four.

        Spanking is only a tool to help a man lead his wife in marriage. It is not there for intimate relationships outside of marriage, even if people use it for those purposes. Husband and wife should be together for life, and do not split up because of trouble. Marriage by its nature does not include other partners. This alone would cause much more storm and pain than a possibly misused spanking.

        Two become one flesh in marriage and are committed to each other. The man cares for his wife, protects her, provides for her, and heads the home. He should assure she is godly and virtuous as well. The wife takes her place under her man’s authority, receives protection from him, and is there to help him. She cares for the children and the home, and is meek and modest. It is within this real, lifelong union, with man as loving leader and wife as his helper, that spanking fits in as a tool in correcting a woman.

        There are many women who would find a spanking “degrading.” However, it is not the purpose to degrade. I believe the sense it is degrading comes from too much pride, one who thinks herself too important to be corrected, or who expects a flat equality. Spanking IS meant to be humbling though. It should require that the wife knows she is under her man’s authority, admits to her wrong, and is contrite over it. It further humbles her by her having to bare herself, bend over, get lectured and spanked.

        Like any correction, the point is not to make someone miserable, but to put her back in her submissive mindset, and punish her wrong. That’s it. Once it’s over she is fully restored, and we would hope bettered, in that she is more aware of her wrong and able to avoid it in the future. She feels more safely under the guidance of her man, who makes sure she is alright. She walks in submission with ease. She is still treasured an cherished by her man. She still holds a glorious place in the home.

        Although I do not know if you are married, a wife should not be speaking badly about her husband to her friends. She should be speaking honorably about him. The problems in the home should be worked out between man and wife. If necessary a good private counselor or close friend could work with you. A wife should set her mind on how to use her words to uplift and revere her husband. She should not be badmouthing him.

        A lot of people associate spanking with being “knocked around” but it is very different. It is a purposeful form of loving correction. It is not done in anger, or out of personal offense. It is a correction for the good of the person and the marriage. It puts what could be a serious problem, or conflict into the past quickly. It helps drop bad habits, and change wrong attitudes in the long term. It could not be more different than being knocked around.

        I hope that offers you some help and insight in your situation. I don’t know all the details, but it sounds like there are a number of things that need to change.

        Take care.

      2. Like you I’m new to being spanked, I get it with a hairbrush bent across a table. He spanks me over my panties then stops and I havecto remove my panties. That’s embarrassing. Then he begins again.

  14. lesleyderby Avatar

    Very early on in our marriage I had trouble being submissive during my punishments in that I had trouble from putting my hands back to protect my bottom and also in keeping still. This led to me getting multiple spankings and also spanks to my upper thighs, I soon learned to accept discipline without trying to cover my bottom and keeping still.
    My husband is very particular in me having my bottom presented for punishment correctly and accepting his correction.

    1. Keeping still and trying to protect the backside is a common problem, especially for wives who are new to getting spanked. Submission of all kinds during a correction is definitely very important. What your husband did to take care of the problem is what will usually work. Once a woman learns the self-control and trust to be still during a spanking, she ends up getting spanked less. It sounds like he knows how to handle you well.

  15. Susan in florida Avatar
    Susan in florida

    Aron –

    I agree that repeat spankings in a single day can lose effectiveness, and even leave wirse bruises than anyone wanted. The solution in our relationship has been to emphasize the ritual, rather than the pain. Instead of being simply told to pull my pants down, lay across his lap, and get spanked to tears, i need to first make sre my lip gloss, hair and mascara are flawless, then undress completely, and wait for him to summon me. Then its sekdom more than 5 spanks, no matter how annoyed he is with me. An hour or so later, its repeated – makeup undress, wait, and present myself. And then later a 3rd time. I figured out that this is the way to keep it to no more than 5 spanks for an offense is simply to be 100% cheerful and obedient. Anyone can muster the obedience needed for undressing and layomg on her mans lap. But a cheerful attitude is the key to showing that I understand what I did wrong, and am truly contrite. That doesn’t take dozens of spanks. It takes a smile – each time- immediate compliance with no dawdling or conversation, and a another smile and a thankyou afterwards. Tears afterwards isnt as nourishing to our relationship as is his confidencmce that he can count on my attitude.

    For women who feel that their spankings are too frequent and arbitrary, i urge them to try my approach. Yes sir. Like this sir? Will there be anything else sir? Thank you sir.

    Your husband will endlessly appreciate it if there is at least one person in his lufe he count on to be there for him.

    1. That’s a very good way to handle repeat spankings. I appreciate your attitude towards your husband and towards correction. Thank you.

  16. I was once spanked every day for a week and even though I hated it then I can feel that it was good for me. I have never needed to be punished like that again. It was a very humbling experience and for me who are not naturally submissive it was very effective to help me find the submissive mindset that I struggle to be in every day. It is really hard for me to be truly submissive. My husband are very patient with me and he seems to know how to help me become an obedient wife. I just wish that I could feel more gratitude towards him, I understand that it is as much a struggle for him as it is for me.

  17. What if your husband said he would prefer you not go to dinner with your friends , but did not say no . Then you went was completely safe , but had five or six drinks of alcohol , and came home at 11. I was spanked on and off the entire night and now I’m suppose to be getting a spanking once a day for two weeks , he deleted my social media and I have to go to bed at 8 every night for a week. That seems way to harsh to me

    1. Hello Sophie, It may seem harsh, but he is giving you that for a reason. You know that you did wrong. Learn from your lesson, and you’ll be better able to obey, and withstand temptation next time. Put your trust in your husband to correct you. It is only temporary, and then things will be restored to normal.

      Even if he intended to only suggest that you stay home, the drinking too much, and coming home late by themselves warrant a punishment. However, it’s likely he expected you to understand that if he says he prefers you at home, then you stay home. Going out drinking with friends, apart from your husband, is uncalled for in general. What you did could have caused much more pain than the spankings you will face.

      1. Thank you , I am not allowed to question it which is why I commented on this post . I am trying to accept and understand and be grateful but the going to bed at 8 makes me feel more like a child that is being punished

    2. Hi Sophie!
      I know how you feel, I have also been punished in ways I thought was too harsh at the time. I learned a lot from this and now I know that my husband only did what was best for me.
      I love going out with my friends but I always ask my husbands promission several days before. If he wants me to I send him text during the evening to let him know what I’m doing and I always let him decide which time I need to come home again. I learned this routine from his guidance and discipline. Even if it was hard at the time I am really grateful for his patience with me.
      If you would like to talk perhaps we could e-mail each other and exchange experiences for inspiration.

    3. Sophie your punishment is totally appropriate giving the disobedience you engaged in and the attitude you display here. From the way you relate this and the punishment you are receiving I think your husband is showing great wisdom and excellent leadership. You were not just disobedient you don’t seem to understand his authority over you. Over drinking and getting home late is very serious disobedience and must be dealt with very severely. This is a safety issue on several levels. Jane has a 9 PM bedtime all the time. I hope your husband will consider making your early bedtime permanent, though perhaps at 9, you definitely need strict boundaries to properly train you.

    4. My ass would on fire for a week if i did that. He would also take away all my privileges. My set bedtime during the week is 9:30. I can go out sometimes if I ask permission but I have to be home and in bed by 9:30. Never allowed more than 2 drinks.

  18. I know this post is about repeat spankings but people are also talking about refusing sex. If I tell my husband I’m too tired or don’t feel well he says that’s fine get on your knees beside the bed and he uses my mouth. While I find it highly erotic when he uses my mouth I also very much enjoy what he does to me during love making. So, I learned to be very careful about refusing him. I can either have a longer more enjoyable experience or I can have my mouth used.

    1. Hello Margret, Thank you for sharing your experience. Just to be clear, when I speak about refusing, I mean actually saying no. I don’t consider telling him you are tired, and asking for a rain check to be real refusal. But perhaps other people use the term in that way. Giving head is a good replacement, at times when actual sex would be very difficult, or impossible.

      1. You’re right, I’m not really refusing, just asking for a rain check which I never get unless I’m sick and I’m rarely sick. Don’t get me wrong I love being with him it’s just sometimes I’m not really feeling it. I have 2 choices, sex or head. I tried “I’m too tired” a couple of times at the beginning of our relationship which he quickly answered with a regular bedtime. He said I must not be getting enough rest and that being too tired is not an excuse. I’m also not allowed to use my phone in bed. I have to charge it on his night stand every night. I can read but no phone. I’m learning. Not always easy. Love reading your blog. He’s very much like you and it helps to hear it from another man’s perspective. Reading everyone’s comments is also very helpful.

  19. Robin Summerfield Avatar
    Robin Summerfield

    For the first five years of our marriage, my Sir was ambivilent about repeat spankings or maintenance spankings. As we have moved down the road of life, the gate has become narrower than the path. I sometimes need for the punishment to be so unrelenting or actually make me feel like I can’t take it. Its easy to say here in hindsight. But physically shaking because he has our big paddle out and he is about to bruise my buttock is enough to cause me to repent. Unfortunately, the only way that works is if he actually uses— we call it the “Death Penalty”— our heavy paddle. It is only administered for the most severe punishment spanking. It is a 1.5″ thick x 18″ x 6″ paddle. I recieve it only after I have gotten a very hard bare hand spanking and then an implement spanking (usually his belt but sometimes the bath brush). Between each set, I am given 10 minutes of corner time to consider the next implement. There is also no set number of sets. My Sir has grown skilled at measuring my broken will in my crying. I can tell you that he has had to gag me because of the screams the “Death Penalty” has evoked. I suffered that about 5 months ago when I got a ticket for texting while driving.

    We are strong advocates of maintenance spankings even though they are relatively severe, they seem to keep the “Death Penalty” in its place in the closet. I actually have only paddled with it three times in our marriage. I think mainteance is one of the reasons why. It is a really revelatory experience, even as we pray together before getting started. I know how bad it is going to hurt and he knows he needs to make it hurt. When we first started, I even asked him to respank me because it didn’t feel strong enough. That shows our committment level to spanking as a growth tool for our marriage.

    1. Hello Robin, Thank you for the explanation of how spanking works in your marriage. Sometimes it does take a spanking which will push her to the limit for a wife to get the message being sent. It helps her see just how serious her wrong was. It’s helpful to have a special instrument just for that. Your devotion to your husband is a great blessing. I know he treasures your submission.

      1. JEANNIE Avatar

        Do U have video of such spanking on web site I can see?

        1. Hello Jeannie, I do not do videos or pictures. However, there are many on the web already for those who are curious. I simply teach about headship, submission, and spanking in marriage. Thank you.

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