Discipline Description from India

This is a description of a discipline session early in the marriage of an Indian couple I have enjoyed getting to know. I previously posted their article about how discipline works in their culture and religion. Among traditional Hindus wife spanking is extremely common and even expected, and even many less traditional ones still respect male headship in the home. Divorce is extremely rare among them. You will also notice a few interesting cultural differences in how discipline is applied. Please view those differences as a chance to learn from other people, who have been having successful marriages for a very long time.

You know the old saying when the cat’s not around, the mouse gets emboldened? You can say that about women too. My G-d! Yes, S_____ is a submissive girl by nature, but the temptation to disobey is there in every woman I think.

See, she was mentored by her grandmother to be an obedient wife. All well and good. With neither her grandmother nor me around (her parents and grandma have gone on a pilgrimage around the holy places of India now that all three daughters are married), the young lady got it into her head that she can do as she pleased I suppose. She frequently flouted my father’s authority and constantly disobeyed my mother. Every time my mother complained, I issued stern warnings to my wife on Facetime. She would behave for a day or two and then revert. I found this very strange as prior to my trip to ________, she had never been like this. Needless to say, I was quite displeased and annoyed. In _______, along with all the gifts I purchased for my wife and the rest of my family, I also bought two paddles, one long-handled and the other a shorter one.

I returned to India on the 30th of March to unhappy parents and an unruly wife. I spoke to S_____ and demanded to know what had gotten into her. For the first time in our marriage, she was quite rude. I was in no mood for this. I slapped her face twice, harder than I usually do. She immediately became contrite. Of course she was headed for a hard whipping, but before I started on her punishment, I wanted to get to the bottom of her bad behavior. I stripped her off her saree and petticoat. She was naked except for her blouse and bra. I gave her one more slap and twisted her ears as Indian parents often do (a common punishment for children). She was crying by then and trembling as well she should. She knew she was in big trouble. “Kneel” I commanded. She obeyed right away. Then I conducted my inquiry. It emerged that a number of her friends in college have been filling her head with all kinds of ideas.

My normally level-headed wife had allowed herself to be led astray by these friends of hers. For all her maturity, S_____ is still young and impressionable. In the absence of an authority figure to keep her firmly in line, she had started entertaining thoughts harmful to marriage and family. I shook my head and told her I was very disappointed in her. At this, she cried harder and fell at my feet and begged me to forgive her. “Of course I’ll forgive you, my darling. I love you,” I said. “But first, you’ll be punished. Understand?” “Y-y-yes sir. I-I’m sorry sir” I pulled up her head from the floor by her braid. I wasn’t particularly gentle as I wasn’t in the mood to show mercy. She was once again in the kneeling position. I took out the paddles and let her see them. Her eyes filled with apprehension, but she didn’t say anything. This punishment was going to be really harsh.

I asked her to bend over. She obeyed. I started with the belt, my favorite implement for discipline. I never count when I’m dishing out a whipping. I think I whipped her about sixty to seventy times. Several swats landed on her thighs. By the time I stopped, she was whimpering and lay bent over on the bed like a rag doll. However, I wasn’t finished with her. I told her to stay right where she was. I went out for an hour or so to calm myself down. I returned to find that she had not moved.

I told her I expect her to behave in a respectful manner to my parents irrespective of whether I was around or not. “Do you understand?” I asked in an uncompromising manner. “Y-yes, sir,” she whispered. “Louder, girl” “Yes, sir” she managed to say in a louder voice. I then told her I’m going to paddle her so that she never forgets this lesson. “You’re my wife. I’ll not tolerate unruliness and disrespect from you. Understand?” “Yes, sir. Sorry sir. P-please sir?” “Please, what, young lady?” “Please don’t use the paddle on me, sir” At this, I grabbed her braid and raised her head from the bed to look at me. “Who am I?” “M-my husband, sir” Her eyes were filling up once again. She knew what was coming. “And who are you?” “Your-your wife, sir” “Who do you belong to?” “To you, sir” I shook my index finger at her. “Do you have the authority to tell me what I should and shouldn’t do?” “N-no, sir” “Well?” I stared at her. She hung her head and whispered, “I’m yours, sir. I have done wrong. Please punish me as you see fit, sir” “Good girl.”

I then took the long-handled paddle and swatted her about thirty to forty times. It could have been a few more than that. I don’t know. This was her harshest punishment so far. Her bottom had bruises for quite a few days after that. Later that evening, I took her quite roughly in bed. I haven’t had any troubles with her since then. I’ve ordered her to cut off contact with all these so-called friends. She is allowed to talk to two of her friends. These women come from similar backgrounds to mine and S______. One is married and the other is engaged to be married in a couple of months. I won’t let her talk to any of her “modern” friends. Spanking is the best tool to resolve such issues. Talking would have gone on and on. Lecturing and spanking has brought her back in line immediately. It was you who said too much education ain’t good for a woman when I was entertaining ideas of further education for S_____.

es, I know she will settle down and mature in her role as a submissive wife. Her family has groomed her to be one. I’ll allow her to go out by herself in a few weeks. Right now, she needs to understand she can’t do as she pleases. She was never allowed to by her parents and I’m not going to start now. The harsh whipping got through to her in a way nothing else could. Sure, I’ve spanked her several times prior to this, but they were all pretty mild compared to this. Punishment befitting the crime, eh? I do have a reason for being extra-strict with her.

I have two older sisters and an elder brother. My sisters were both married off when they were in their late teens to early twenties. I’m 32. My older brother is 35. He fell in love with and married his colleague, a very career-oriented woman who is not from our caste (community). She doesn’t respect my parents, and makes them feel uncomfortable when they visit. Basically a typical independent feminist type.

Recently, my parents went to help them out when their second child was born. They were supposed to stay for three months, but returned within one. My brother is too p—y-whipped to put his wife in her place. I show her respect as she’s my sister-in-law, but I don’t really like the way she behaves. It’s up to me now to care for my parents in their old age. I’m a traditionalist at  heart. I always wanted an obedient wife. I also expect her to treat my parents with respect and care for them as she would her own parents. When S_____ behaved in such a bad manner towards them in my absence, I flipped. I knew drastic action was needed to bring her back under complete control at once. I hit her harder than I had done on previous occasions, but not at full force. I would never do that.

S_____ has a submissive heart, but she’s still quite young and impressionable. Now that she is done with her studies, she need not go to college anymore. So those undesirable influences are minimized already. She knows she isn’t allowed to keep in touch with her so-called modern friends. For good measure, I’ve taken away her mobile phone. If she wishes to talk to her family and the two friends she’s allowed to be in touch with, she is free to use the landline, but she needs to ask permission first, either from me or if I’m not around, from my parents. If she sneaks behind my back, she knows the consequences would be immediate and serious. In my opinion, a young wife is no different from a child. She needs proper indoctrination and training. Every man ought to set limits and boundaries for his wife. When she emails you, please feel free to give her your opinion about the punishment as well. She knows and understands it was the right thing, but a further reinforcement of that won’t hurt.

I may need to travel to ______ at the end of May. I don’t want a repeat episode. I’ve made a few changes around the house since my return. First of all, I’ve asked my mother to stop the maidservant. S_____ now does all the housework, as well she should. Although she’s well-trained in these chores, my mother has a specific way of doing things. She’s now training S_____ to perform the chores according to her liking. If my mother is not happy with the way something has been done, she twists S_____’s ears or gives her a quick smack. S_____’s mother physically corrected all her daughters right up to their wedding day. No reason why my mother shouldn’t as well. In India, when a woman marries, she is duty-bound to obey her husband, his parents and elder siblings. Ever since I told my mother she has the authority to correct S_____, things between them are a lot better. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not some kind of monster who constantly beats his wife. Neither is my mother. I’m very affectionate towards my wife. But when she strays or disobeys, I have no hesitation in punishing her harshly. Every man has to do that. It’s a husband’s duty, not just his right.

By the way, because of the population explosion in India, the government encourages couples to stop after two kids. I don’t believe in that. S_____ and I will have as many children as God wishes to bless us with. No expense will be spared for the education of my sons.


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  1. It’s a husband’s duty, not just his right.
    True. Every husband should do his duty.

    1. johnsonjelena45 Avatar

      HUG YOU Joan. I totally totally agree with you. It’s his duty, it’s his JOB.’
      I wish that EVERY HUSBAND would do his DUTY.

  2. victoriaabthomas Avatar

    I am sorry, but hitting a women in the face and pulling her hair and pulling her roughly up by her head is not discipline it is abuse.

    I don’t care what culture you are in. You don’t treat your wife like an animal who must take care of everyone’s needs and if they aren’t happy with something she gets beats. Sorry but this is bull crap and abuse. Not domestic discipline.

    A wife needs to respect her husband but a man also needs to respect his wife. Men aren’t infallible.

    A strapping and paddling on her butt and thighs for disrespect is enough. All that other stuff is abuse plain and simple. No God would be ok with that.


    1. Hello Victoria, I know many people would respond that way in our culture. However, I do not see that a slap, or a twist of the ear, is abuse. It is a quick measure to get a wife back where she should be, and under control. As long as it is not dangerous, I can’t find a problem with it. I do not strike towards the head myself because of potential danger. These are all family members who love each other and they understand the way discipline works.

    2. Hello Victoria,

      I can understand your concerns, but please keep in mind that practices that CAN be abusive, excessive or cruel aren’t necessarily such. I’ve had similar concerns addressed towards me when I mentioned the way I’m disciplined (which does not include the practices you write against here, but other practices which often prompt the same reaction), and I know very well that people tend to be quick to judge.


  3. Cresta Avatar

    So many mixed feelings here.

    I have been on the receiving end of an angry woman for whom I could never seem to do things right to her liking. I was utterly traumatized by her constant criticism and anger. I don’t know that this mother in law is like that, but I don’t know that she isn’t, either.

    If I was in such a situation I’d much prefer that my husband oversees it and disciplines me himself if he thinks I am not doing my duties correctly, rather than completely putting me under the authority of another person to indiscriminately do to me as she pleases. Otherwise it sounds like the plot of stories of old from which people (like Cinderella, for instance, languishing under a harsh woman) needed someone to come deliver them from.

    There are other mixed feelings about this account but I’ll leave it at that. I understand the concept of delegated authority and in the intimacy of our marriage covenant, I feel I can trust my husband directly — but extending authority to third persons, not so much.

    1. Hello Heather, I think nearly anyone in this culture would be wary of that kind of arrangement. However it is common overseas for parents-in-law to have significant influence. I don’t know the exact situation, but certainly the husband needs to make sure that expectations are reasonable, and that the mother is not overly harsh with her. Having spoken much with them, I am confident the husband would not wish his wife to be treated unfairly by the mother. He is a loving and wise husband.

  4. Alexander Avatar

    I appreciate the way this man handles his wife. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if you could give me some advice. I found some inappropriate sex sites in my wife’s browsing history a couple weeks ago, so I gave her what I thought was a memorable spanking and put parental locks on her phone. I found yesterday that she’s been getting around that to view inappropriate content on Reddit. I told her I need some time to think about what her punishment will be. I’m still quite angry about it and mad at myself that I let her do this again so soon. I feel like a spanking isn’t enough punishment so I’m wondering what you would do if your wife did this. I’m so frustrated that apparently she thought my last spanking was a joke.

    1. Hello Alexander, Thank you for your question. Clearly your wife has some trouble that you need to correct. That is especially clear if she is returning to do the same thing again. I’m glad you can see your responsibility in bringing her back on the right path.

      As far as punishment, I don’t have any other ideas than what I teach on this site, which is a hard, memorable spanking. I believe if the spanking is undesirable enough, she will do her best to avoid getting one in the future. If my wife were nonchalant about getting a spanking, I would give her one she would never forget, and she would wish she had never made the choice she did.

      You can also use other methods to deal with her possible contact with inappropriate material. You can use other internet filters, or prohibit her from using the internet entirely for a time, which could be positive on multiple levels. I’d also talk with her about the temptation, and what is leading her into it, as that may give you ideas about helping her overcome that temptation.

      At the heart, if your wife is committed to submitting to you, she will do her best to stay away from it. She will not dismiss your instructions. The case may be that she needs to grow in submission in general, which may take you to square one with growing as husband and wife. If she is not committed to serving you, then she needs to learn soon.

      Feel free to write me at my e-mail. Take care.

    2. victoriaabthomas Avatar

      Hello Alexander. I am saying this as a women and with utmost respect for you. If my husband ever caught anything like this on my phone or electronics he would take them away immediately.

      He would also give me the strongest whipping he could without causing permanent damage. My husband would make sure I didn’t sit comfortably for a while. He would start maintenance for a time being until he could trust me again. I know my husband well enough to know that he would take me roughly every chance he got so that I relearned my submission to him and relearned how to be humble along with making me aware that my thoughts were to be on him sexually and not on some porn stars or sites.

      My hubby one time had to give me a whipping for the ages to change my behavior because I wasn’t taking him serious about an issue. After that whipping I never did it again. I wish you luck and will pray that you can get through to her.

      1. Thank you for being rank about how serious discipline needs to get sometimes. Often it takes such great steps to make the progress you need.

    3. Rodrigo Avatar

      Hello Alexander, that’s sad, pornography is one of the worst evils of our modern society. Many social issues like promiscuity and transgenderism only became popular because of pornography.

      May I recommend that, if she thinks the last spanking was “a joke”, you should make sure that the next one will be one she’ll never forget.

      I’d also like to recommend an app called Covenant Eyes, it’s a paid service, but the best of its kind.
      Not only does it automatically block thousands of porn sites (and the list keeps growing) but you can also set it on “strict mode” where potentially pornographic sites (like Reddit and Pinterest) are also blocked. It also locks all big search engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGO, etc) on safe mode so it becomes even harder to find problematic content.
      The app also takes constant screenshots of your wife’s devices and sends them to you so you can keep track of what she’s doing. It uses AI to try to identify pornographic content on the prints and, if it does, automatically notifies you

  5. Fluer Avatar

    I very much agree with you Heather if this was our household I’d expect my husband to feed it back to me and ask me to amend what I’m doing after all it’s his house and he should have the final say in how it’s run.

    That said this is very much a traditional way in many Indian households where both Grandmothers and Mothers will determine how they think a household should be run and aren’t afraid to say it and demand respect in what they say. It is a definite culture clash.

    Even if I properly rile my husband I know he wouldn’t hit me but boy I’d get a thrashing over the knee once he calmed down and reflected. He would be aghast if his Mother hit me or disciplined me without him giving permission first.

  6. she was lucky that you allowed her to keep blouse on. My husband would never have allowed that. Complete nudity is prime in his rule. It’s so embarrassing. I am [required] to do corner time sometimes up to an hour.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, complete nudity can be more humbling during a punishment. That can help the husband get the message across.

    2. ThatWifeLife Avatar

      The only time I’m allowed to keep a shirt/socks on is if the house happens to be cold and it’s just a maintenance session. If the house is cold and it’s for punishment, he will bring the heater in from the hallway to the bedroom. Punishment spankings are always “nothing but a wedding band” in our home. I can’t even have a hair tie in. We both like that it reminds me that I’m completely his and nothing is hidden from him.

      1. Yes. Hair tie goes first.

  7. One observation I would add about family life in India — and this I read elsewhere and not from this couple — is that the wife’s father at times can step in to help the husband. If a wife is not doing her duties, or is perpetually disobedient, the father will come and visit the home and get her back into line. Of course ideally this should not be necessary, as the husband ought to be managing her, but when there is a problem, the father of the wife can be a valuable resource that way. Such closeness among family would benefit westerners as well.

  8. Cresta Avatar

    I understand that there are similarities in this culture between the authority of the husband and what you teach on your blog site. But I am wondering if you perceive any specific differences between how a follower of Christ acts as an authority in His home scripturally within a Christian marriage, and the Hindu idea of how marriage ought to work. Do you perceive them as identical? Or do you think there are differences between this account of a Hindu relationship, and how the Biblical ideal marriage would function, in some way or another? Does the image of “Christ and the church” look specifically like what Hindus are doing, in your estimation?

    1. Hello Cresta, That’s a good question. I actually have an article written about non-Christians learning about discipline from Christian material, so this is asking about learning things the opposite direction.

      I believe as the Bible teaches that there is a form of the law on the hearts of all mankind. The unbeliever, including the Atheist, in that objective sense, can follow the law of God, even though they still sin and need the blood of Jesus Christ to cleanse them from sin. In fact, there are many non-Christians who follow God’s law better than some Christians do. This is perhaps nowhere more obvious than what we see in other cultures and other religions with marriage — the non-Christian more often respects male headship, and the lifelong nature of marriage than the Christian does, especially in the West. They often respect modesty much more as well. They often are more willing to marry younger and have more children. They can as much be admired for that good behavior as they could be admired for painting a beautiful painting, or running a race very fast. They’re doing things the right way. We can and should learn from that.

      However, I do not see that other belief systems can fulfill the ultimate purpose of marriage, which is to present the image of Christ and the Church. While they may have a certain order in marriage which is correct, they do not ultimately model this holy picture of salvation, because their home life is not built on Christ, nor do they have the Holy Spirit. They do not have the ultimate example of love and authority, who is Jesus Christ. They are not using their marriages to lead people to know Christ. So in that sense, the non-Christian marriage cannot live up to that biblical ideal.

      In terms of the details of how the Hindu marriage life works, I don’t see very much that I would disagree with. I may not do all that they do, but I don’t consider those differences a matter of right or wrong. I do agree that in the Christian way of family life, the parents of either spouse cannot have too much influence. Yet it’s acceptable for them to be present, to continue to be honored, and to offer assistance to the degree that they can. Leaving your father and mother does not mean you no longer have anything to do with them.

      As I have said to you and others, I’ve spoken with this couple for several years. I highly respect them, and I trust that they care about being a good husband and wife. Despite a few practices that westerners may consider overly harsh, the husband is loving, and certainly cares to protect his wife. They have benefited greatly by having this way of life handed down to them, just as they intend to hand it down to their children. These traditions, religious or cultural, are often the only thing that stands between their respect for what is right, and being assimilated into a westernized culture, and into radically different values. The secular world wants to dominate everywhere, including India, and family life and tradition seems to be the only thing which holds the wicked western influence off. We may worship different gods, but because their tradition protects them from secular influence, for that I thank God.

      I hope that answers your question, but if there were other particulars let me know.


    2. Jonathan Avatar

      I think it’s important that good blogs like this exist, and that those of us who practice in responsible ways make ourselves heard. Otherwise we will continue to find ourselves defined by the worst and most extreme among us, both by the world, and by the church. I truly think that’s something we need to consider. 👀

      1. Thank you. That’s a good point. However, I don’t think that most in the world or in the Church are really interested in being fair. I do believe this discipline guide offers for the most part what is the norm, and a reasonable way to do things with discipline, though I do not bar all other kinds of talk. I am very glad you appreciate it.

  9. emilyeverly Avatar

    I was spanked severely for not respecting my husbands mother. He gave me a caning I will never forget or want again. My husband is very traditional and has traditional values. They were here from Jordon for several months recently and I was out of sorts. They come several times a year for a couple of months. He did not do it in front of her, but made sure she heard me being spanked for such disrespect. I cried like a baby. He also warned me beforehand in front of her and said if you do it again, you will be spanked severely.

    He also gave her permission to spank me when he is not around and she finds it necessary. She also has certain ways of doing things and tells me I must make her Son proud of me and do things the correct way. She said her Son is to be honored and he is King. I have received several paddlings from her for messing up or for my mouth. She like my husband isn’t to be messed with. I was also punished by my husband when he got home.

    Aron, you are so right about the father, my husband had to get control of me in the beginning of our marriage as I tried to go against him. My father took me down a peg or two and brought my husband several canes to use when I wouldn’t listen. He showed him by using them on me to get me back under control. It is his choice of implements now when I disrespect his wishes.

    I grew up American but with traditional values and I was taught very early my place in our home and what is expected by God from a women when she is older and marries. My mother was also spanked and the children all knew it. My parents are from Jordan. I was spanked a lot especially when I learned feminist things and repeated them. I wasn’t allow to go to college and I was spanked the morning of my wedding by my father as another gift to my husband.

    Some Americans would think this was cruel or wrong to hurt a women. The only thing anyone has ever done to me is spank my bottom. A couple of times my husband slapped my face but only to get my attention. Their spankings definitely hurt and have blistered and made my bottom raw and there have been some times such as the caning for disrespecting his mother that I couldn’t sit and sat gingerly for awhile. But I wouldn’t have it any other way as I have learned so much for my benefit through these spankings.

    We also are and will raise our girl children the same way and teach both girls and boys the roles God intended for them.

    When I earn a spanking it is because of my neglect or disobedient behavior. I have no one to blame but myself. I know I will never treat his Mother like that again, or I won’t be sitting comfortably.


    [letter edited by Aron]

    1. Thank you for your letter, Emily. I appreciate your dedication to being a good wife, and to improving your behavior. In families who are raised this way, everyone understands their role, and they know the purpose of discipline. Order and respect are maintained. In the Middle East it is surely no surprise for a wife to get whipped.

      In former years in Russia it was traditional for a father to whip his daughter before she was married, and pass the whip along to the new husband. While I don’t practice such traditions, I certainly do not ignore its positive meaning. Myself, I would keep the whip for when it is truly needed.

      I’m very happy you will raise your children to know their role in family and society.

  10. I will never understand why a husband, who loves his wife and doesn’t want to permanently harm her, would slap her in the face. There is always a risk of damage to the ear (eardrum rupture) and even damage to the brain. In addition, the person can lose their balance, fall and injure their head.

    But where I have to agree is that parents and in-laws should be respected at all times and a woman should show that with her behavior at all times.

    1. It’s cultural thing. My MIL slaps me if I cross line. She also has given permission to paddle by my husband.

      1. I have read that Aron considers that only the husband should administer punishment, but his Mother will probably have experience in disciplining her own daughters and will be well able to paddle his wife, especially in the early stages of marriage.

        1. Hello Kate, Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, I believe the husband is the one who should be disciplining his wife. However, for the purpose of getting a view on discipline in another culture, I allow it here.

    2. emilyeverly Avatar

      Hi JL. I can assure you, at least concerning my husband, that when he slaps my face it isn’t anywhere near full force or violent in any way. He is a very loving man and would never damage me. He actually does it because he loves me as he slaps my face to get my attention and I am usually hysterical after a spanking. It is used to bring my focus back to why I am being spanked.

      When I earn a spanking, yes, he is authoritative in carrying it out on me, but I feel his love and caring for me and fall more in love with him because he has told me he gets no enjoyment in having to do it.


    3. johnsonjelena45 Avatar

      Only our bare bottom should be hit/spanked. I feel God made our bottom as the site of punishment, And our bottom have been used for punishment through the ages.

  11. My mother-in-law is not authorized to discipline me into her own hands, but I know she has already told my husband that I needed a disciplinary session to be more attentive and thorough with my household chores.

    Once, after my mother-in-law’s visit, my husband disciplined me, arguing that his mother had observed a lot of carelessness and lack of care in carrying out household chores

    As a wife, we must provide our husbands with a warm and cozy environment, and no one better to teach us how to do this than our mother-in-law.

  12. Monica Avatar

    It’s really interesting to read about other cultures. But I don’t agree that it would be good for anyone other than my husband to directly discipline me. I respect my in-laws and I am subservient to them and will do housework and run errands for them, but if I misbehave or fall short they will report it to my husband and he will decide what punishment is appropriate. I feel like that it would undermine his authority over me if they took the initiative on discipline instead of deferring to him. That’s always how it’s been for us and I know that’s how my husband wants it to be.

    1. Thanks. That’s a good way to view it, Monica.

  13. I’m African American and my husband is Indian Fijian, they share the same Indian culture however we are Muslim(I was raised in the Pentecostal church and converted at 17 before I met my husband). I am punished in this same way when I get out of line, I’m 19 and my husband in his late 20s he often goes on about how I can be a bratty teenager. I didn’t grow up with much spanking so it’s safe to say I was spoiled, now I’m learning how to properly submit to my husband as a wife. I have a high pain tolerance so most sessions seem ineffective to me, I have some bad online habit of certain websites but I’m not sure how I should approach telling him after he’s already applied parental controls on my devices. I’m afraid that I’ll be punished but part of me doesn’t think I’ll learn from it since he usually stops before my point of submission. He usually uses a riding crop, silicone paddle, wooden spoon or bundled cord. I can take them all pretty good. What would you recommend I tell to him?

    1. Hello Shay, Thank you for writing. I’m very happy for your marriage, and that your husband is wise enough to discipline you, and to protect you from your bad habits. If you find spanking is not really getting through to you, please tell your husband you need him to be more thorough. It often takes a longer and harder spanking to instill submission, especially alongside a stern lecture. It is also possible he should try other discipline methods. It really depends what he sees is working or not.

      It’s good you know you need to submit to your husband’s correction, and where you need to improve. Certainly growing up with little discipline, and being spoiled, assures there are some bad behaviors and wrong attitudes to unlearn. It is a process of growth. Just know that many women do leave those things behind, and you certainty will too if you and your husband put in the effort.

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