Where is Your Consent God Now?

There is very public attention given to the need for consent in making a deed right, rather than wrong. It is nearly a litany of the modern era to say — if two consenting adults do it, then I don’t have a problem with it. This is the ham sandwich of the modern diet, and is used to justify any number of immoral behaviors, because consent says it is right. Consent equals right. Lack of consent equals wrong. We’re a free country and two free people can do what they want to together. This kind of argument is obviously not very ethically deep, but it gives a convenient and practical philosophy to millions of people, at least when it comes to morality. But if consent is the engine of the modern idea of ethics, it seems very strange that it just stops mattering when it comes to certain things. When I say “certain things” it means behaviors that the modernist loathes — like, you know, the subject of this website! Like male authority. Like spanking badly behaved wives. When this arena is opened, the consent worshipers go into a tizzy anyway, and spew their anger and their hatred. You’ve got to ask why they no longer worship consent? Are they betraying their god who guides their life? Or are they revealing their true colors?

It’s  not hard for the average reader here to guess I regularly receive all kinds of hate mail, along with more responsible letters, that still speak disapprovingly of wife spanking, this despite the fact nearly all who practice it in America do so consensually. They have decided to enter their marriage consensually. They have decided to practice discipline consensually. If it doesn’t really matter what two consenting adults do, wife spanking would be the least controversial activity in modern relationships. It’s just two more people following their hearts and living according to the freedom the nation allows. But the power of consent to justify deeds diminishes greatly in this arena for the modernist, who views it either as very dangerous but tolerable, to perhaps among the most evil things a person can do in this lifetime. They believe women should have free choice, except the choice to submit.

Wife spankings, while it is consensual, upsets other commandments of modernism besides consent. So the modernist must pit one commandment against another and see which wins. In this case, consent often loses out to some other mandates in their godless Decalogue: thou shalt not fail to empower a woman, thou shalt treat woman the same as man, thou shalt not define marriage as between male and female, though shalt give woman’s emotions equal place to Scripture and reason in defining truth, woman shall not be under man.

This Decalogue gives rise to other statutes which treat any husband as evil who rules his wife. This is clear in the statutes defining the sin of “abuse.” To the modernist, male headship itself is abuse, a husband criticizing his wife is abuse, a husband controlling the finances is abuse, a husband deciding what to purchase is abuse, a husband disciplining his wife is abuse, a husband smacking his wife’s bottom is abuse . . . and abuse is evil. If you’re a man and you lead a traditional marriage, you are an “abuser” by default.

With commandments, statutes, and judgments like that, it’s no wonder that the modernist feels overwhelmed by hatred and disapproval of wife spanking. His consent god, whom he always counts on to enlighten his eyes, just does not stand up to the many piercing arrows he feels that shoot up his whole philosophy. Consent must take a bow to his misrepresented view of women and of marriage, and once this is done, he can justify pouring out his hatred on the wife spankers — and more broadly as you certainly know, on male heads of the home in general, who are almost as despicable in their eyes. Having a leadership position suddenly makes one prideful and narcissistic. Telling someone what to do now becomes domineering. Practicing discipline makes one purely sadistic and evil: Just. Like. The. Nazis. The eternal mystical feminine has been offended. She is very very angry. So tolerance will not be granted despite nearly universal consent.

This is nowhere more clear than in the general acceptance, even while holding the nose, of bdsm. You can see that bdsm, with all its extremes of punishment, near medieval torture, and artificial master-slave relationships (often with the woman getting whipped) still is met with overall acceptance by the secular Humanist. Somehow it’s not the whipping that really pisses them off. It’s not even the vertical relationship. It is real marriage, and what real marriage represents that they hate. It is the union of one man and one woman for life, with the man guiding his wife as the King of the Universe guides His people that really makes them puke. They’d take brutal leather games outside of marriage, full of fornication if not homosexual behavior, over the beautiful, wholesome, life-giving power of marriage. That is the twisted and confused view of one lost in the secular world. It will choose Barrabas over Jesus any day of the week.

It’s worth taking the time to point out how foolish it is to put so much weight on consent to begin with. While consent may be a deciding factor in justifying actions in a very limited domain, it doesn’t succeed that far out of it. If you consent to speeding, the cop will still write you a ticket. If you consent to marry a small child, you can still be put away for a long time. If you consent to take off your clothes entirely at an ordinary beach, your consent won’t matter either. If you consent to a drug transaction, that drug transaction can still land you in jail. If you consent to illegal trade with a foreign nation, it doesn’t matter if you both agreed to it. If you consent to serving and eating trans-fats you can end up in big trouble. If you consent to not wearing a mask when the government is ritually controlling you during a pandemic, consent flies out the window. So really, we’ve got to see how weak that leaning heavily on consent is to begin with.

I think the reason you still hear so much about consent today is that it was habitually utilized to justify immoral activities when Christian values were cast off in the 20th century. It was used to justify evils such as fornication, sodomy, immodesty, living in sin, so it became part of the cultural thinking, and an easy ethical equation anyone can use to sound like they have a grip on how liberty works. But outside of the popular vices it is used to justify, even the modernist can see how atrocious of an argument it really is, and reverts back to less libertarian thinking, willingly condemning all manner of consensual behavior they find offensive or dangerous. The liberal will sacrifice consent on the altar of big government without end.

The disapproval of wife spanking specifically is very emotional for the modernist. It truly threatens his worldview and personalized religion. A man humbling, lecturing, baring, and spanking his wife is the Grinch that stole their Christmas . . . or excuse me . . . their Holiday Tree. It obliterates their concepts of equality, and often of female superiority. The morally superior, wise, more peaceful being is being totally put to shame in their eyes. She shouts about her rights, but her rights are nowhere to be seen as she is placed laying over a man’s lap, and given the strap over and over. Her only rights at the moment are to be a good wife, to repent, and behave better in the future. Her empowerment is in seconds dissolved, as she is made to kneel, honor her man as sir or lord, and punished firmly by her husband. She comes to tears. She bawls — “I’m sorry sir, I’ll be good. I belong completely to you.” Her illusion of sexual autonomy is dispelled, as her flesh and her intimate places are on full display as she is chastised, and as she later is enjoyed by her man for sexual pleasure, often for his own enjoyment. He takes her as he pleases. She is nowhere independent, but is led by rules, is guided with oversight, needs to ask her man’s permission, and is spanked for stepping out of line. Pretty much all their illusions are shattered in a traditional marriage, and then melted to oblivion in the discipline of wives. And the icing on the cake to whisk up their frothy hatred is that the marriage union pictures Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe, the Savior calling them to repent. He calls them to be humble, and to obey Him. That they cannot stand or tolerate. It is the end of their illusion. They’re not good people. They are condemned. They need a Savior.

I have to ask the very question to all of the strongly disapproving readers, so they can ask themselves and really seek an answer to the question: Where is your consent god now?

Well where is it?

If you truly bow down to consent, what is your purpose of complaining about male headship and wife spanking.? If two free adults can do what they want in their own relationships, why the hate? Why the intolerance? Why the promises of violence against men? At the minimum I think the hater ought to spend some time in better understanding their OWN worldview, and try to make sense of it all. There’s something off there, a fundamental contradiction, which they need to face. Why is it there, and what are they going to do about it? Look your problem square in the eye. You’re not writing hate mail to femdom websites, are you? You’re not writing hate mail to gay leather boys. You’re not writing hate mail to people who play a game as a hobby that you don’t personally like, or writing hate mail to people who cook foods you don’t find tasty. So what really gives? Honestly, I think you just hate the man being in charge. You hate the male.

At best, I hope some can recognize the poor foundation if not emptiness of the modernist worldview, and seriously turn and seek another worldview. There is another good, true, and eternal worldview, that we only come to when standing on the rock of God, which is the Christ. It is not empty but full of life. Truths we could not have seen before, can be known from this strong base, from this vantage point, and from the living spirit in us. What was a mystery about God becomes clear now in the light. Life is not about human desire, or cultural preferences, and claiming we are ethically pretty good people. It’s not about being nice either. The ultimate good is not defined by whether consent is always present, but by a moral law and God’s loving character. There is a much deeper truth than our opinions offer, one which does not change and which brings life to mankind. There is something the modernist KNOWS he is missing inside, and he ought to have to face the shaky tower of his leaning faith. It is going to fall.

A Note: Just in time for writing this article, a recent leftie Reddit page posted my link again. Among the loving and tolerant comments was one which suggested they “gather together and prank” me, in order to report me to the police. They’ll be unpleasantly surprised to learn there is nothing illegal about adults spanking adults, in marriage or otherwise. There is something illegal about making false police reports. Another enlightened, advanced life form responded with, “Monsters. Absolute Monsters!” That’s kind of what I’d say, except while being sarcastic. Do they realize what a parody of themselves they manage to be? Aghast over a spanking. These pearl clutchers illustrate my point that consent as a moral manager only counts when they want it to count, and it goes out the window otherwise. Another post on the same website invites readers to commit a crime by hacking this website. Clearly when they believe someone’s been naughty they like to dish out all sorts of punishment, and to do so without asking for consent. They just can’t stand it when a naughty woman has to take it, and accepts it from her husband.


Note 2: I just got what is probably my first link from Fetlife. I guess I should be honored.


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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    There is so much passion in this post. This: “They believe women should have free choice, except the choice to submit.” … is so well said.
    It is hard to believe, because the conversation can not be openly had without the feminist screaming or friends raising their brow, that people do willingly engage in disciplining wives and have happy relationships. But here, in this community, it is talked about, people are supported and inspired.
    If ever I am noticed for obeying, submitting, and admonished by well meaning friends (which has happened), I will smile and remind it is my free choice.
    Thanks for keeping this site current.

    1. I’m glad you can appreciate those points. May God continue to use you as a good example to other women. It does take courage to live that way openly. Thank you.

      1. Anonymous02 Avatar

        Imagine for a moment if all men were allowed to properly discipline their wives with or without her consent? Order would be restored, marriages would be healed, and divorce rates would plummet. How many social problems would be cured if we for once would just let men lead? Instead we have extremely few traditional homes and even fewer in which Biblical headship is actually enforced. How many more marriages and families have to be sacrificed on the alter of “equality” because a man had to obtain consent from those he is right to rule over?

        1. Hello, Thanks for your comment. It is true much harm as come from disrespecting the man’s headship. The man has a right to rule, although even when this right is recognized, there is the aspect of consent in the marriage itself, as both man and wife consent to marry. The wife willingly chooses to place herself under his authority and protection. Even those couples that come up with consent after marriage, manage to continue with their roles if they are sincere. In this culture, much of this really needs to be discussed before marriage. If our values were restored, it would simply be understood, and be seen as a natural part of any marriage.

    2. “They believe women should have free choice, except the choice to submit.”

      No, they don’t. They believe no one should have free choice; all should submit to their soul-destroying philosophy.

      Men and women. Of course they want to remove women from the protection of strong loving men.

  2. bunny234 Avatar

    I didn’t know you were getting so many hate mails. Why are they so obsessed with this blog? They just need to let it go. How many heinous crimes occur in this world, and it feels funny to rush in to disrupt the lifestyle agreed by 2 adults. I know a middle-aged couple who have become very happy since they started DD. He became more attentive to his wife and began to listen to her more carefully. His wife let go of her pride, cried like a baby, and confessed her inner conflict and mental pain (disappointment with her mother-in-law, child, and busy husband, guilt that she didn’t seem to be a good wife), and threw away her burden by obeying his words and decisions.

    They may feel uncomfortable, but there are definitely women in the world who feel happy obeying their authoritative husbands. The women are not protesting on the streets to further lower women’s rights. They just want to follow her husband’s teachings better and lead a happy family life. This blog is the only place for me that teaches me the proper concept of DD and how to run it. Whenever I receive an e-mail saying that an article has been posted, I am reading it using a translator. I don’t want this blog to disappear. – The sentence can be awkward because I got help from the translator.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Bunny. Domestic discipline does improve many marriages, and I have heard from some of the couples who use it. Fortunately, I know in the long run, some of those people who complain about it now, one day learn to listen, and end up embracing it themselves.

      But until then they have committed themselves to being enemies. I get hate mail, along with fake e-mails and fake comments in an almost predictable fashion. But it is never a burden, and readers like yourself make it more than worth the effort.

      I am truly honored you follow my articles when they come out. I hope it continues to be a helpful guide to you.

  3. I’m sorry you get hate mail, no one deserves this. I hope you’ll find one way or another to deal with it eventually so it won’t bother you.

  4. This is a great article and from my experience a lot of the hatred comes from fear, the fear that you could be right. That traditional relationships are just better. It scares people because deep down they feel a pull to it.

    I was very much like that, growing up I bought into the girl power movement, always told I could do anything and not just have anything, but have everything! So that’s what I set out to do, I thought I could have the career, the independence and the dream relationship and family.

    But things don’t work like that, my career while profitable didn’t give me a sense of purpose, my independence while fun didn’t make me feel fulfilled and worst of all my relationships never felt right. I was too competitive and there was so much friction a lot of the time.

    When I met my husband and he had that strength and authority about him, my ideals started to shake. All the things I grew up thinking where now being questioned and it can be scary.

    I loved him more than anything so I did consent to marriage, to being disciplined but I admit I was scared, rebellious about it. I think that fear can turn to hate because people spend so long fighting these emotions and feelings its hard to give in.

    It definitely took a while for it to click for me. That through rules, discipline and his authority I was being lead into submission and obedience but also love and purpose.

    Through spanking and training he had to break the illusion I had of what kind of woman I was. Letting the real me start to come out and with that the love and happiness came so much easier.

    1. I appreciate the light you have to shed on the topic, Emily. Thank you. That is a wonderful and liberating change to make in your life. Materialism and the secular values will never satisfy the soul, and who we were made to be will always be yearning to come out. It is much easier to come to the truth when we are no longer afraid. I am very glad you found the truth, and have a good loving home.

  5. Ann-onymous Avatar

    It is quite the contradiction, a double standard, if there ever was one. I was raised in a home with a very strong mother and a father who was happily led by her. I think that my maternal grandparents had a similar relationship. Bottom line is, I’ve been led and raised to believe that a woman is strong and capable of leading, so she should lead. In my work life I supervise dozens people, so the idea of me coming home to a husband who spanks me is absolutely contrary to the way in which I was raised. The world confirms this notion.

    Even so, my relationship with my husband has improved since we began using domestic discipline. Very rarely do I do some thing deserving of a severe punishment. I keep a journal, and he reads it. At least every two weeks we have a maintenance session based on what I’ve recorded,

    Recently we added a small ritual that we call the morning 10 in the bedtime 10. Before I leave for work, we meet in our closet. I take down my pants or lift my skirt, and my husband gives me 10 firm swats. This reminder of his strength and authority gives me an anchor and that helps me navigate the day. At night before bed, we meet in the closet again. This quick daily connection and add reminder of my husbands authority and leadership is an absolute blessing. Most people I know would be appalled.

    Ironically, the world would approve if we did this for sexual pleasure.

    1. Thank you for sharing about how things work in your home. It is interesting to see the rituals that each couple has, which keep them close together, and growing in their roles as man and wife. Regular maintenance or reminders can be helpful, and they don’t have to be severe. I know with that background there must be some challenge to learning to submit to your husband, but nearly any woman can do it well.

      There may be many women in the workforce today, but men are still made to lead, and have unique advantages at it. Women are made to help their men, and are also uniquely designed for it. Usually if you see obviously reversed relationships, you will find one of them is not doing his job, and the man in particular is simply being passive. That does not mean he cannot lead, but is not applying himself at all. Today with an ideology of egalitarianism, and feminism, it’s hardly rare to see reversed roles, but it does not change at all what we are made for.

      I am truly happy you have found the rewards of submission in the home.

  6. Hi Aron,

    You and I have a great many differences of opinion. But I do fully agree with you that “consent” is made into a god and then not even respected even so. It is a huge inconsistency in ethics that shows that consent isn’t the real god, it is personal empowerment that is. Any laying down of one’s personal power is horrific in our society. So when I use my “personal empowerment” to empower myself to obey my husband, and receive his chastisement, I have betrayed all women everywhere.

    How many women have gone off to get a divorce from their husbands, assured by feminist friends that they are completely in the right, because their husband tried to take some control of the money in the family?

    How many have justified their divorce because their husband gave them some rule they did not like?

    There are men who are violent and evil, self-serving and out of control, dangerous brutes, and their wives and children justly need to seek safety from them. It would be just as much an error to ignore the reality that such men exist and such women need protection, as it is to swing to the opposite extreme and ban all male leadership in marriage. Unfortunately our culture paints with a broad brush — is their relationship uneven? Is he in control? Is he in charge? Is he *gasp* punishing her? Then it is certainly abuse. But righteous, level-headed, and controlled discipline for sensible rules is not the “dangerous violence” that women need to flee from.

    I have heard wives telling their husbands over and over that they are being “controlling” for any exertion of his will towards them. When I first realized I *wanted* to be a submissive wife, the first thing I had to come to grips with was that *I* was the controlling one. *I* was the one constantly giving him commands, rules, ultimatums, conditions, expectations, and somehow I thought he was controlling when he asked anything of me at all.

    Thanks for bearing the storm of opposition for us, Aron. Last night I fell asleep wrapped in my husband’s arms, in the sweet intimacy that only comes from enfolding myself into him as one who is under his control and dominion, and my sense of safety from knowing he accepts his charge over me. His kisses and caresses this morning were the reply from a man who knows he is unopposed and that his wife is yielded fully to his love and leadership.

    [comment edited by Aron]

    1. Thank you. It’s very good you both can enjoy that peace that comes with loving headship and heartfelt submission. It is powerful when lived out correctly, and washes away much chaos, conflict, and insecurity. It is a true expression of love.

  7. Anonymous Reader Avatar
    Anonymous Reader

    Perhaps the greatest level of irony/hypocrisy/willful-ignorance/plain-old-evil is that many of those opposing DD on the left will act as though this is wickedness on par with murder while being totally okay with mutilating the bodies of pre-pubscent children over them saying something nonsensical with no actually intended meaning to supporting MAID (Medical Assistance In Dying) for those suffering from nothing other than being depressed or poor. If they are okay with such objectively questionable forms of “consent”, why are they not okay with wife spanking? It’s not just that they hate men. I’d say that they are simply hateful totalitarians. Not mere authoritarians! TOTALITARIANS!

    1. Thank you. The Left are totalitarians. Their approval of consent by young children to gender bending, hormones, and sexual mutilation is truly sick and laughable. Nor can they handle any dissent, as they will try to silence any of a long list of differing opinions. They should not be in power as they will always abuse it.

      1. As a leftist, your ideas and website makes me very uncomfortable because it doesn’t align with my idea of what a marriage should be, but I could not care less if you beat your wife as long as she is fine with it. I thing you are critically misunderstanding the “consenting adult” mindset. Subscribing to this idea just means you think consenting adults should be free to do what they want. This does not mean I could not (if I wanted to and believed these things) vocally disagree with you, strongly condemn your actions, or even rant about what a morally depraved and evil person you are. I am still not a hypocrite, as long as I acknowledge that even if I disagree, under our laws and my personal morals you have the right to continue your behavior and I have no right to force you to stop. Just because I think people should be able to do something on principle doesn’t mean I think they should be doing it.
        I would like to please see an example of the left silencing differing opinions, this is not a “got you” request and I am sure you can provide an example, but perhaps I can give some insight about the thought process behind it. I would like you to explain how leftists are “totalitarians” and endorse “consent by young children to gender bending, hormones, and sexual mutilation”, that genuinely confused me.

        Peace and love <3

        1. Hello, I know there are some people from the Left who have an ounce or two of tolerance for other beliefs. However, from what I have seen, this is not representative of the Left as a whole. Having been an unbeliever many years, and been surrounded by all manner of immorality as if it were normal, I never would have thought to force that on anyone, and I respected the rights of others not to approve, or to voice their disapproval. Even back in the day, I recognized the Left as fascist, especially in how they attempt to silence all opposition to their feminist theories, or their promotion of homosexual behavior. I was wary of them even as I shared many of their beliefs. If you believe in some modicum of freedom and free thought, you ought to be wary as well.

          While you say you are uncomfortable with my beliefs, because you disagree with them, I can only encourage you to really examine them on a basic level. Question your own beliefs on a basic level. Where does the foundation lie? I became much more open minded about God, and eventually a rather loose Theist, simply because the alternative is clearly irrational. A denial of God flies in the face both of logic and science. Moreover, it requires that any morality is nothing more than a matter of opinion, or passing cultural trend. Many unbeleivers are sincere enough to admit that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with genocide. They just “think” that there is. They know their morality is an opinion. This is morally insane, and everyone knows that at heart. I was further forced to question my own beliefs because it was clear that the secular value system, which accepts all manner of immorality, is not defended by the facts. The facts actually reveal that immorality goes against our human design, and it is demonstrably harmful. The facts show that the family is good for human life, while fornication, homosexual behavior, and divorce are terrible for human life. They make people more miserable, poorer, sicker, and more likely to die.

          If the secular world today is so enlightened, and educated, they should not then be unable to have lifelong happy marriages, raise up enough children to be above replacement level, and have children who are well behaved and mentally stable. Instead, they are dying out as a people. They don’t want to get married. They have few children. Their children are lewd, immoral, violent, take record number of psychiatric drugs, are hooked on illegal drugs, and set records for suicide as well. That is a failure. They cannot even figure out if they are a boy or a girl, while mere decades ago they could. Europe, perhaps the biggest example of a godless society dying before our eyes, has been overrun by millions of people who openly claim they are their enemy, will destroy their culture, and dominate them. If the Left does that to entire nations, it is a source of cultural suicide and is insane. What rational person would want to embrace it?

          So you need to be able to look at YOUR society as a whole and YOUR value system as a whole and think — hey, maybe we’re really not so smart. Maybe other people know things we do not. Maye the people we ridicule as stupid or backward have it right and we have it wrong. Maybe we’re the source of some problems in the world. Because what is going on in this society is an unmitigated failure. It is an assault on human life and on all of God’s creation.

          As far as your questions, while I don’t want to spend too much time on them, and you could easily write a book about it, I don’t know how it is so hard to see that the Left is authoritarian and intolerant. If you really do not know, I’d urge you to practice more observation, to look at their behavior when faced with those who think the opposite, and research the topic. I’d recommend you use some different news sources as well. WND, and RenewAmerica are very good sources. You should check out The College Fix, who have any number of articles not only detailing the falsehoods of the Left, but documenting their intolerance in the classroom. Those sources aren’t perfect, but they are better than CNN and BBC.

          Just off the top of my head, here’s a few observations on the totalitarianism of the Left:

          1: 20th century Leftist regimes were almost always more authoritarian and deadly than Rightist ones. The Communists jailed, tortured, murdered, and starved many more than even most Fascists did. Even the Nazis (who were Socialists by the way), did not match Stalin in their control of the human population. Very few Rightist regimes tried to reach that level of control at all. When you compare Leftist governments that took over to the ones that came before them (monarchies or dictatorships) the Leftist ones are almost always more violent and imprison more people. Naturally, they are exponentially more violent than the U.S., UK, or former British Empire. Research it. It’s not even close.

          2: The Left, since the 1960’s has tried to use the mob to shut down the opposition. They shout down and assault speakers they disagree with. This has gone on for decades up to the present. It is normal in the Leftist universities that many speakers either need security, or get shut down, because of Leftist mobs. They attack and try to shut down peaceful protesters from the other side. The homosexual movement has made threats, insult, intimidation, and violence normal since early in its history. There is a book out by a Christian pastor who spoke out against the normalization of sodomy in the 1970s, and he details the regular threats and violence he went through. This continues up to the the present, in which anyone who criticizes sodomy is met with rage, threats, vandalism, and is usually mailed disgusting and perverted pornography.

          I regularly advertise my personal ministries also, and I can attest that these are favorite tactics of Atheists and homosexuals who wish to harass or silence you. I have experienced it firsthand. You can find articles that detail the threats, vandalism, and lewd pornography received by other Christian ministries. This is common, man. It is not rare. As rather non-leftist feminist Camille Paglia once said — the most spiritually twisted human beings you will ever meet on earth are homosexual activists.

          3: The Left tries to shut down businesses which will not promote or which openly oppose sodomy and sex mutilation. This has been all over the news. Some of it is still being battled out in the courts. How would you like to lose your business because you did not affirm the Holy Trinity? It is normal for people to be threatened with a lawsuit and losing their business if they do not comply with sodomite demands, or if they continue to openly oppose that behavior. Look it up. Here in the U.S. the courts have protected such businesses on a few occasions. In Canada and the more Leftist parts of Europe, without our Constitution, it is much harder for people who do not support sodomy and sex mutilation. If they do not succeed in shutting down a business through the government, go reread number 2 above — they will try to do it through the mob. They will harass the business owners, vandalize the business, and insult people walking in the door.

          4: People lose their jobs because they do not affirm or celebrate sodomy and sex mutilation. Same goes for refusing to affirm feminism by the way. If they do not buy into treating these things as normal, they will be unemployed soon. So most people bow down to the pressure. A Christian doctor who spoke out — apart from work hours by the way — against homosexual behavior, lost all of his work with three different medical centers. A lawyer who spoke out against this same behavior was immediately fired from his job. That is legitimately called silencing dissent. The same goes for speaking out against feminism, for telling the facts about gender roles and the documented differences between men and women. If you do not toe the line to feminist ideology, you most likely will lose your job.

          In schools children who wear apparel that supports the politics the Left hates, or which oppose secular gender theory, have been suspended or otherwise punished. They have special reeducations classes for students who oppose the homosexual, and now racialist, agenda. In college both students and professors have been punished for expressing differing views from the Left, although in the U.S. sometimes they are successfully able to defend themselves with lawsuits in the long run. In the UK it is illegal to air commercials that show a woman in her traditional role in the home. Nearly all companies force “diversity’ training on employees, in which immorality behavior is treated as normal, and in which special classes of people (some, not all) are not to be offended. People who reject such ideological training can lose their job.

          I can remember in the 80s when a successful and popular sportscaster simply made a factual comment about race and the history of slavery — apart from working hours — and he was immediately fired. The head of a record company spoke the truth about female employees, and how likely they are to leave the job to spend time with kids, making them less desirable, and he was pressured from his job also. All he spoke was the facts, but the facts are despised by the Left. They simply cannot hear them so they put ideology over facts.

          It is a religion. You need to see that. It has its dogmas. It has its unquestioned sources of authority. It has its authoritarian clerics, and specialized religious teachers. It cannot prove with facts its ideology, but it holds to it like a faith, and with great zeal, and opposition to all that stands in its way. We are all religious at heart because God made us that way, and the Left forces its religion on everyone it sees.

          5. The government now denies funding to people based on the lame and ridiculous accusations of the SPLC, who label people they disagree with as “hate groups.” They do not only do this for actual groups that are dangerous and threaten people, but for those who stand against the ideology of the Left, and are against its goals. They once even labeled Messianic Jew Dr. Michael Brown as a hater. Unbelievable. Since they cannot deal with the facts, they have to slander people, label them as dangerous, and try to get them kicked out of mainstream society, if not all of it. That kind of pressure keeps organizations from getting funding, gives them a bad name, and can cause them to shut down. Yet they have been doing this for many years, and are often successful.

          6: The Leftists of the tech companies have also showed they silence the opposition. They either remove, or demonetize groups that oppose the ideology of the Left. They silenced news articles about Hunter Biden before the election, although now much of that has been admitted to be true. Among other things, that certainly played a role in who won the election, as did other antics by the Media, which is almost all controlled by the Left. (and no I have never voted for Trump, though I don’t rule it out in the future)

          They silenced various opinions about the Covid virus and the vaccine, even though now the medical powers that be have admitted that much of what was silenced was actually true — the mortality rate was not as high, one alternative treatment that was rejected is now accepted, the vaccine did not prevent transmission, and it carried far more dangers than was admitted. They have admitted at least to the link with blood clots and heart disease. Factually speaking, we know that the tech elites silenced the truth, together with the government authorities. Significant portions of what was labeled dangerous conspiracy theories is today accepted as fact, though not all of it.

          If they do not like the truth they censor it.

          7: Hate speech laws also silence the opposition. They were largely pushed through by the Left, and most of the opposition was Right or Libertarian. Like predicted, they are used in an inconsistent manner to punish thought. One church that was firebombed in California tried to use the hate laws to go after the culprits, but they were told they could not because they did not belong to specially protected oppressed classes of people. Those who burn the American flag are not charged with hate crimes. Those who burn or otherwise desecrate the sodomite flag have been charged with hate crimes already multiple times. It is nothing less than punishing thought and belief system. The labeling of another view as “hate” is one of the easiest and most effective methods of shutting others up.

          8: Personal experience. Nearly everyone I knew who was from the secular world which I previously lived in has disowned me. Almost every single one. They’re gone. That is because I openly share the Gospel, and because I do not support sodomy. It is normal and very common in this secular society to immediately shibboleth a person by asking what they think of sodomy. Those who oppose it are commonly insulted, and shunned. The Left cannot hear the opposition and listen to the facts. It makes them angry, full of rage, and afraid they cannot defend their own belief system. So they have to silence all opposition so they feel more comfortable, and smear those they disagree with as bigots and haters, when in fact, they are the ones motivated by hatred.

          9: Various U.S. states and Leftist nations try to pass laws prohibiting people from leading homosexuals and transsexuals out of their behavior. Countless men and women have left this behavior, often for the long term, but the Left wants to prevent counseling, religious or secular towards this end. In the U.S. sometimes courts can overturn these laws, in other Leftist nations they probably will not. The Left does not want the truth to be told, and have ruined peoples lives and careers by tactics like these. I mourn for all those who want to leave those lifestyles, but now will have difficulty finding the resources that would help them. It is a tragedy. They cannot get help because people have been threatened into silence.

          Consent and sexual confusion: I do not know how anyone could miss that the Left ignores consent when it comes to a man’s authority to lead his wife, but uplifts consent when it comes to children being led into sexual confusion and mutilation.

          Do you read the news? Do you observe the society in which you live? Small children are encouraged to pretend to be the opposite sex. To take on names of the opposite sex. Minors are given hormones when there is no reason they need that medication and are occasionally mutilated through transsexual surgeries. Apparently their consent is respected there, even in cases of young children. Those who refuse to play along with this nonsense are also silenced or fired.

          But it is absurd to allow this for adults as well. Healthy people should not be given medication or surgery anyway. It is totally unethical. You no more chop off someone’s genitals than you chop off their leg, unless it is infected and has to be removed. It is completely antithetical to the purpose of medicine and is a rejection of God’s creation.

          Do not think that the alternative to the Left is the Right. Nor is it Libertarianism. Traditional American values ARE certainly saner and more successful than the Left, which has led to mass immorality and destroyed national economies. American values would allow Christians to flourish if they chose to live out their faith, while the Left, which is more totalitarian and ideological, would not. But the Bible does not teach us to have the values of the Republican party, nor be small government types. It teaches obligations, and not rights. It teaches obedience to God, and liberty in small matters. It does not turn personal liberty into a god as this society has, including the conservatives and many worldly Christians.

          The Bible mandates caring for the poor. It also teaches if you don’t work, you don’t eat. The Bible teaches the value of hard work and diligence. Then it also commands we take one day off a week, and it shut down the largest part of the economy at the time (agriculture) once every seven years and again every fiftieth year. It prohibits usury, at least towards your brethren and towards the poor. It allows the working animal to have rest. It assures the day laborer does not have to wait for his wages. It prohibits tilting justice towards the rich or the poor, and prohibits taking a bribe. It provides stability and peace through marriage, which can not be broken, and the family. It teaches training, discipline, and protection of children, so they are virtuous and continue in the faith. It teaches simplicity, contentment, peace, gentleness, and moral purity.

          Orphans and widows must be provided for. Immoral women, and those who have family to care for them already, do not receive such aid. It provides for household peace through the leadership of the man, and the submission of his wife. It does not fit any political mold, but is a path of life and benefits all mankind. If you care about humanity, you ought to love the law of God.

          As I have said, in my experience the Left is not only inconsistent in what it says about freedom and tolerance, but is radically more intolerant and hateful than those it accuses. You do not know hate until you have fallen out with the Left, and are on the receiving end of their vitriol. Just try it.

          However, the ultimate issue is not who is most tolerant. Obviously we all tolerate some things, and are intolerant of others. Most of even western society would not permit pedophilia to be advertised (although don’t be surprised if you see that in the future, as we are almost there). Few people want crack to be advertised either, and we’d be fine with shutting down anyone who does so. The issue is not how tolerant, or how free we can be as a society. The question is this: What is truth? What is the good? Who is the ultimate authority?

          Only God has the right to be the ultimate authority, and all truth and goodness flow from Him. The Bible teaches that everyone knows God’s existence in their heart, and that we all have a form of the law on our heart. If we deny that, it is because we wish to live in sin. It is pride and selfishness. God’s law stands as consistent, in harmony with natural law, and benefiting mankind. It is better and more consistent that the odd patchwork of ethics the modern secular world has, and its extraordinary inconsistencies. As I said at the start — you can know this easily yourself, because the secular worldview cannot even show that rape and murder is wrong. It can only say I “think” they’re wrong. That’s it. Evolutionary thought would smile on the slaughter and rape of your enemies. You know this is evil, and you know it’s not the basis for a worldview. Nor is the claim that everything in the cosmos exploded out of nothing for no apparent reason. It is absurd, and doesn’t even sound convincing as a mythology.

          Seek the truth. I did, and I found it only exists in God. There will still be plenty to disagree about, but there is a unity in love, purity, and peace. Remember, an earlier secular commenter could not even condemn a writer who had sex with her own father, but only referred to it as a lifestyle. The Christian knows it is evil and depraved. Something is amiss here, if the secularist cannot condemn that.

          Only God is truth. If you are humble and repent, He will forgive you, and receive you into His family, which is found only in Christ.

  8. I appreciate it. I believe it needs to be heard.

  9. Wondering Avatar

    Okay, I just have to say something. To be honest, domestic discipline has been a dichotomy in my mind. In one way I think “there HAS to be another way” but in another, “this works. I don’t know how, but it works.” I don’t even know if I chose the right word, but it’s as close as I could get. 🤷‍♀️ Anyways, I said that to say, when you look at the ones who are opposed to you. Who are they? What are their values? Do you agree with them in every way but this one? My guess is the answers to those questions are a resounding “nope.” It honestly makes it more settled in my mind, that this is the right thing for a LOT of people. And nobody is forcing it on anyone else. The ones against it, scream “it doesn’t matter what they do in the bedroom!” Yet, if the bedroom is where you give spankings to your wife or get spankings from your husband, it is somehow their business. Hypocrites. You’re right. They don’t care about spankings near as much as they care about men being in authority and women being subject to their husbands. I say just ignore them and keep on keeping on. The ones here who appreciate what you do, will still be here, and the ones against you, will most likely get bored at some point. But beware, more will step into their places. I guess you’ll just have to have some really good comebacks on hand. Haha. But, you seem pretty good at that. If all else fails, ask your readers. I’m sure some of us can help in that category. 😂 Because some of us (like me) have ended up with sore behinds because we have been known to be a liiiiittle sarcastic at times. 🤷‍♀️😂

    1. I appreciate your thoughts and your encouragement. I will definitely keep doing what I am doing through this website, and through other means available. Thank you, Wondering.

  10. I feel like envy and resentment are at the root of a lot of the hypocrisy that you point out in this great essay.
    Society has created a giant group of weak men who envy real men who have the courage to act like God intended. They criticize strong men because they wish they could be like them. Meanwhile there is a giant group of women who are pressured to be a certain way by feminism but wish they were able to follow their true nature in completely submitting to a commanding man.
    It seems like there are a lot of marriages where the wife resents her husband for being weak, while the husband resents his wife for not respecting him, which is the result of his own weakness. It’s not surprising that these couples envy those that are in traditional Christian marriages where the husband is in command, criticizing the kind of relationship they actually wished they had but are afraid to admit.

    1. That is spot on, Monica. Thank you.

  11. I recently met some friends from school, and they made an appointment to watch the Barbie movie, I said I couldn’t go, because my husband didn’t consider this media appropriate, now they don’t stop criticizing me and calling my husband a sexist.
    I said that my husband was my spiritual guide and that I asked permission for that kind of thing, and now I’ve become a laughing stock

    1. It is better to have honor before God than honor before the world. You don’t need friends like that anyway, but rather friends who will build you up in knowing the Lord. Your husband made a good decision.

    2. Bless you Ninna. I would just have said I’m not enough of a nitwit to waste time with the “Barbie movie”. (What Barbie movie?)

      Okay, no, I wouldn’t have. That would just be what was going through my head. What came out of my mouth would, I hope, have been milder, focusing on the “better things to do with my time” angle.

      I consider it a personal crusade to play up my husband’s headship and authority in public, because so many people have never been exposed to this sort of sanity and it might benefit them. But it has to be subtle and non-threatening to be helpful, and it is important not to expose him to ridicule or hatred in the process. Nor do I want people trying to talk some nonsense into me, thinking they are talking sense! 🙂

      Blessings and love,


  12. Yes, it’s OK for a woman to beg her boyfriend or other male to choke her, bind her, gag her, whip her, and call her a wh*re- just so long as she puts on her high heels and goes to the office the next morning and is an independent, liberated feminist woman. What’s not OK, however, is a woman truly and really being dependent upon and in subjection to her husband. Why? Because it’s tradition. Because it’s real. This society hates tradition and traditional femininity and masculinity. And even many modern “conservatives” claim feminism is still necessary because, apparently, without feminism (only the “good” parts of it, of course), we will quickly return to the dark ages where men routinely abused their wives. Even assuming the truth of men being ruthless tyrants against their wives throughout history, it’s insulting to live in a society where BDSM is in our faces constantly and women’s private parts are on display all of the time. How is that better than being cherished, covered, and loved by a husband?

    1. That’s a very good way to put it. Thank you. We need to work for more people to see the truth, and recognize the illusion for the wicked lie it is. Male headship and the family is good for all of society.

  13. In Canada, spanking is an assault, which is a criminal offense, and a victim cannot consent to being assaulted. I personally believe couples should be allowed to do what works for them in the privacy of their homes, but mutual consent is vital. In exploring whether this lifestyle would make my already happy marriage even better, I came across accounts from women who insisted that spanking saved their marriage, but I also heard from those whose marriages ended in divorce because of spanking. Wives who could no longer bear the pain and humiliation attempted, unsuccessfully, to withdraw their consent, while some had never consented to begin with. Other wives stayed, but felt trapped, living in constant fear and deep rensentment. One wife was so terrified of being spanked that she constantly lied to her husband. It’s not a one-size-fits-all marriages. I wonder if those marriages could have been saved by practicing headship/submission without discipline. Would you, and other spanking husbands, allow your wives to withdraw their consent to be disciplined?

    I read in your articles that authority requires the right to discipline in order to be a true authority, but I still can’t understand why discipline is necessary. Most of the wives I know, myself included, are responsible, mature adults who don’t need reminders to work hard, maintain high moral standards, honour their husbands, and be true to their marital commitments. God endowed them with tremendous inner strength and the self-discipline to do right. When I mess up (as everyone does) the shame and regret of disappointing my husband is punishment enough, and a heartfelt apology with the resolve to do better is all it takes to move on. If a wife has wholeheartedly consented and committed to submission and obedience, then why doesn’t she just do it? Why does she need to be spanked into it?

    I am open to headship and submission, but consenting to being disciplined changes the whole marriage dynamic. We would move down the continuum from being best friends/ life partners towards to the master/slave extreme. While many couples may need this, I believe that I would become lazy about self-control – more immature, bratty, resentful and rebellious, always testing his limits, wheras I currently do not rebel against my own rules. The responsibility to manage my behaviour would shift from myself to my husband, and he would not appreciate putting time and energy into something I should be doing for myself. Yes – my husband’s consent is important too! Do you think a marriage could benefit from headship and submission even if no discipline is practiced?

    1. Hello Jessie, Thanks for your comment. We have quite a few readers from Canada. I’m glad that you respect consent when it comes to spanking among adults. Countless people do it all the time, and there are very few places in the world where consensual spanking is not legal. In principle, of course, the right to discipline comes with authority, so the consent to accept discipline comes with informed agreement to marry. However, since few people work that way today, nearly every one who practices spanking in the West comes to consent either before or after marriage.

      A wife who is committed to submission, and agrees that spanking is a part of the marriage, is not going to withdraw that consent. She could no more withdraw it than she could withdraw her submission, which she believes in, and has agreed to practice for life. To refuse would be not only to reject discipline, but reject her submission. What a wife who is committed to submission does if she no longer thinks spanking is helpful for her, is talk lovingly with her husband, and explain why she thinks it is no longer useful. Her husband will make the decision, and she will respect that decision, because she believes in his authority. It’s pretty simple when you think about it.

      Of the many people I have communicated with over the years who practice discipline, I know of few who ended up with outright failure. The majority who practiced it, including those who had recently begun it, succeeded in the long run. They had obstacles, but they are common ones, and which can be overcome with perseverance, and adjustment if needed. Nearly any couple will run into friction at times, just as you would with nearly any other task. Some men, for example, are too passive and weak as leaders. Others are too harsh at times. Women may find they have unexpected resistance to getting disciplined, even if they wanted it in the first place. It takes humility to be under authority, and to be corrected, and it won’t all happen overnight. Some women get submission wrong as well, becoming too silent, and thinking they cannot air their thoughts. But each of these obstacles are easily overcome by normal, reasoning people every day. You talk them out. You learn from mentors. You experiment and see what works best. The only real disasters I have heard of are in situations where one or both of the spouses had serious personality problems, and sin problems. But those are elements that will harm a marriage regardless. If it doesn’t work for you in the long run, then stop, and try another way. That’s fine too, as long as it works.

      Yes, giving discipline comes naturally with authority. How many authorities can you name that have no ability to use discipline? All the ones that come to mind use it. That includes parents, employers, governments, and at times certain delegated authorities. Scripture mandates punishment, in many instances, to be given by those in authority, to the one under authority. It teaches headship, and commands those under that head to submit and obey. It promises punishment to God’s beloved people when they need it.

      Without discipline, headship is nearly meaningless, as anyone on earth can dismiss what you tell them to do. They can mock your words. They can do any harmful behavior and not care at all. No husband, who is the head of the home, should have to put up with that. And they don’t have to! Because they have every right to punish their wives when it is called for. Their wives have no right to disobey them.

      I’m sure there are those who will try and point to the failures to discredit marital discipline. But I find this argument weak. There are many successes. Moreover, if a failure discredits headship or discipline, then failure also discredits egalitarianism, or a lack of discipline. It discredits the mere nominal headship that exists in many apparently traditional homes. I could point to the couples who have no leadership and discipline who fight, who resent each other, who are cold to each other, who refuse sex, who hit each other (not as loving discipline either, but in the face, body, or throw things in anger), and who divorce epidemically. There are marriages where both spouses are “friends” that end with someone in prison or dead. I could show you those things about the typical marriage today which is either egalitarian, or contains a headship with no real strength, and I think that would be a terrible testimony to what a lack of real headship leads to. Yet the man’s authority and ability to discipline actually puts many of those problems into the past. Fighting and coldness are virtually unheard of in many marriages in which the man spanks his wife.

      People divorce over a multitude of reasons. They divorce because they get bored. Because they don’t like something the other did. Because they “fell in love” with someone else. Because they fight too much. Because of money. Because of REAL violence in marriage, and not loving discipline. In a just world, that would not even be permitted, because divorce is wicked, and God hates it. Remarriage according to Scripture is adultery, which God promises leads people to hell. There would be no divorce option to use to run away from your apparent problems. However, as long as divorce is permitted, and permitted very liberally, people will continue to divorce over any number of reasons, very few related to spanking as loving discipline. In a just world, two spouses just work it out, and keep on doing their jobs, despite not being happy. They forgive the sins of their spouse just as we all need forgiveness.

      Would the question of why an adult lady would need to be punished by her husband make sense if we asked why any adult would need to be punished by the state? Could we say, we’re all grown adults here, so we need no laws, police, and punishments. Few people would say that. The fact a wife is an adult, and may sincerely try to do right most of the time, does not mean she is above being disciplined. Nearly everyone does wrong, including wives. Discipline helps right that wrong. It lets her pay the price for her misdeed, provides a deterrent for the future, and places her heart back in a submissive mode. I doubt there are many wives that never need a spanking. If you yourself always obey your husband, are always respectful, and always responsible, that’s fantastic. Maybe you never need to get spanked. However, I find such a scenario very unrealistic. You know what I’m saying?

      You are not the only person who imagines their marriage would not be as fun if they were punished for their wrongs. I find this the wrong outlook to have, since marriage is not meant to simply be fun. Man and wife are not meant to simply be friends. In fact, the Bible defines the relationship more by headship and submission, than by friendship. You don’t have to get married to be friends with someone. It may be true that sharing time together and experiences helps build friendship, but even Jesus says we are His friends if we OBEY what He tells us. It’s that kind of friendship, and not two buddies. I hope you can see that.

      Master and servant is not an “extreme” but is a normal headship relationship. We are called servants/slaves of Christ. Yet we are also free in Him. We are happy to be “servants of God.” The bdsm movement tends to twist the idea into something which IS extreme, shallow, and theatrical. However, headship and submission is a normal relationship. In marriage, despite the authority of the husband, and his right to discipline his wife, there is great intimacy, joy, mutual discussion, and a unique kind of friendship. Having discipline does not take away from that unless it is truly misused. Any wife should be able to look to her husband as her lord, and not merely as her friend.

      Here is an article related to spanking and fun: https://spankingyourwife.wordpress.com/2022/05/27/does-spanking-interfere-with-our-laughter-and-fun/

      This is my article on consent in general: https://spankingyourwife.wordpress.com/2021/04/09/consent-in-a-spanking-marriage/

      Yes, you can have headship and submission without spanking. However, without any discipline system at all, the husband can be easily dismissed, and easily disrespected. Those are problems in countless marriages. If it’s not in yours, that’s fantastic. Some couples use discipline of other forms, and do find it useful. Like I’ve said, I find it hard to believe there are more than a handful of wives who never need a spanking.

      Please give it all some thought. Blessings.

      1. Thank you Aaron, for taking the time to write such a detailed and informative reply. You have certainly given me a lot to think about! I may not agree with all of it, but you do make some valid points, and if marriages are benefiting from your articles, all the more power to you. Take care!

    2. Maria E. Avatar

      Jessie, I really relate to what you say. I have a headship and submission marriage for 40+ years without discipline. Another woman commented on this blog somewhere, although I can’t remember which article, that there are 8 billion people in the world, so to claim that only a handful of women don’t need a spanking, I think is pretty unrealistic to say. One can no more say that, than say that the other half of the population, men, that only a handful of men are not good leaders. Submissive wives come in all forms , discipline or otherwise , and men run the gamut of being no leaders, to poor leaders to great and godly leaders in their home. So of course you can have headship and submission in marriage between a husband and a wife without having discipline, and it sounds like you’re accomplishing that very well. Don’t doubt yourself on what you’re doing if it is working. And just like there are many marriages who may be benefit from disciplining the wife, I’m sure as you described, there are many that are miserable due to discipline. And if the husband is really the head of household, then he should be able to run his household as he sees fit. A husband is not weak or ungodly or bad if he doesn’t use discipline.
      One thing that I wholeheartedly agree that has been repeated on this blog often is the horrible effects of divorce on the world. When I was growing up, there were two different families along our street that looked like they were threatening to split up. And my mom, God rest her soul, was an Italian immigrant woman who didn’t go past the third grade, but she was an amazing woman. In both cases she took it upon herself to really intervene with those couples and help them patch things up. And as far as I know, they stayed together and never divorced. So I have tried to keep that tradition and have helped some couples here or there during my life to talk through their differences and do the best I can to help them stay together.
      You describe what sounds like a great marriage, so keep it up, and may God give you to a long life together.

      1. That’s a very good reply, Maria. Thank you. Marriages are very important, and a husband should do ultimately what works, with the goal of fulfilling what God commands for marriage.

        Even if spanking is not a husband’s choice, discipline of some form is his right. I do not need to know the approximately half of the 8 billion people in the world to know that the vast majority of women will need punishment at some time in their marriage. I only need to know the considerable sample size I have seen, and experienced to some depth, as well as extrapolate from human nature in general. Nearly everyone, male or female, gets punished for something they do at times, and deserves it. So this is not a far out claim to say nearly any woman could benefit from discipline.

        I appreciate your high view of marriage. It is a very powerful force for good in the world, and a witness to Christ.

      2. Maria E. Avatar

        Thank you (this is a reply to your reply to me). And fair enough to what you said about everyone getting punished in some form .
        And yes , lifelong marriage between a husband and a wife means everything, doesn’t it? God Bless!

      3. Thank you Maria! And yes, we do enjoy a wonderful marriage. Blessings to you too!

  14. There many things I wish I could openly comment regarding consent and respect in nowadays marriages, but even here I would probably be scrutinized.
    However this does not change the fact that this article is one of the deepest in its truth that you have ever written my friend, I pray that God will give this world light before he comes for his bride finally make what is right, right and punishes once and for all what is wrong.

    1. Thank you brother. God have mercy on this world. May men repent before it is too late.

  15. Maybe I’m being too simplistic here, but often we need the punishment element. I asked my husband to introduce obedience and spanking. He was unsure about the spanking at the start but now leads the marriage and home amazingly.
    Personally I need the spanking as a way to close the issue,to show remorse and to start again. I don’t like the pain but I like the result of closure.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Anne. Those are some major reasons that women seek out getting spanked. Men also appreciate being able to put an issue in the past very quickly. I’m glad that discipline is so helpful to you.

  16. elizaishis Avatar

    I consented to getting spanked before we got married. Spanking in our marriage has been super beneficial and has made our marriage that much more wonderful and fulfilling. My husband has grown as the leader of our household and my submission to him is both an honor and a privilege I get every day. Honoring and serving my husband and being always readily available to please him is something I endeavor to do with joy. Even my spankings are received as lessons that I’ve had to learn under his loving care and guidance as the authority figure over me.

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