The Real Thing

I write these articles and share them with you as a husband who is experienced with domestic discipline, because I want to help people learn about it, and perhaps decide to use it. Discipline, guiding my wife, correcting her, are all a part of my regular life. There is suspicion though, sometimes, that anyone who writes online could just be making it up. In the world of wifespanking, I think that suspicion is higher than elsewhere. This is in part because some people can’t believe many folks actually practice DD, in part because sometimes rare and fantastic details are involved, and in part because some writers and bloggers actually are fake — either they don’t really live the life they claim, or they are the opposite sex than they claim, or some major falsehood like that. 

I’ve gotten suspicious a few times of bloggers, but I have no desire to prove them either true or false. I’ve had others get suspicious of me, in my interactions online, simply because they heard details that sounded extraordinary to their ears. It is good to have a healthy awareness that some people may be faking it, but it’s not so good to become overly suspicious, or jump on any detail you hear as an example your suspicions are correct. The internet, as it is, unless you are a hacker who can try and track down a blogger’s identity, allows for a degree of anonymity, and allows for some mystery as to whether someone is speaking truth or falsehood. It tends to go  with the territory.

So while I am sure there will always be a few who are suspicious, I want to assure the readers at this site that I am who I say I am, and this writing reflects my lifestyle. I would never go online and invent a fake life, or fake activities. I mean, what an incredible waste of time. I describe wifespanking from my experience, I offer advice from my experience, and at times share details of the discipline sessions I give and what their results are. I am who I say I am. 

That said, I have to add that I do, as a matter of anonymity, change some details. I will not give you every facet of our life, and I will add some details which have been altered. I do that because this subject attracts much animosity, and is commonly attacked. For that reason alone I can promise you that a minor amount of what you read here is not true. The main facets are true, as are my sex, my experience with discipline, and most of the details of my history of correcting women. Some other life details are true. Some are not. 

I hope the average reader will understand, and respect this decision. There may be a few aspects of my experience that sound odd or fantastic to you, but remember, that does not make them false. There are many odd and fantastic things in this world, and some of them happen when I am around. Don’t be too suspicious. I am the real thing.


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